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  1. Source Nxt - Old production CLB

    I found an old CLB source that I used in 2016 for exploiting. Given that MapleStory has changed drastically I figured I would release this in the hopes that it might inspire other people. There's quite an amount of reversed game logic in this project, as well as three exploits (probably all patched, but who knows).
    In short this CLB source demonstrates:
    Working with WPF and MVVM as separation of UI, data and logic PKG4 .NX file loading and using this data (Outdated) Login structure Bot timers Multi-client Exploits Login-Channel design Game logic reversed Anti-tracking features Showing results in UI Exploits
    Quest Item Exploit Superior Crystal Exploit Hyper Teleport Rock Exploit (Some Asian Map for EXP) Credits
    For some/all of the exploits angelsl
    For the .NET implementation of .NX files (PKG4) Jonyleeson/sn0w
    For the original MapleLib, where I based my libmsclb on @Yaminike
    For his Bouncastle-esque implementation of AES @NewSprux2.0?
    Probably stole some stuff from this ni🅱️🅱️a's source on GitHub @Waty (RIP)
    For the blueprint of Nexon's WebAPI.


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  2. Release Hytero Calculator

    A while ago I wrote a simple tool that would automatically calculate the CRC value for the Hyper Teleport Rock request (CWvsContext::SendMapTransferItemUseRequest) and came across it again today.
    Seeing as I don't have much use for this tool anymore, I decided to release it. Please do note that this is not something spectacular. It's rather an fast solution for testing various maps.
    Fill in your character id, the teleport seed, source map en destination map as decimal numbers Copy the CRC into the packet (Hex) Copy the destination map id into the packet (Hex) ??? Profit Packet structure
    Last time I messed around with this request the following snippet worked:
    /// <summary> /// Sends a request to use a teleport item to get teleported to the given destination /// </summary> /// <param name="item">The item slot containing the teleport item</param> /// <param name="destinationId">The map id to teleport to</param> public static void WvsContext_SendMapTransferItemUseRequest<T>(this ChannelStageBase<T> s, ItemSlotBaseModel item, uint destinationId) where T : ChannelContextModel { if (item == null) return; PacketWriter writer = new PacketWriter(ChannelHeaders.S_WvsContext_MapTransfer); writer.WriteInt32(Environment.TickCount); writer.WriteUInt16(item.Slot); writer.WriteUInt32(item.Id); writer.WriteBool(true); writer.WriteBool(false); writer.WriteUInt32(destinationId); writer.WriteUInt32(crc); if (s.NetClient != null && s.NetClient.Connected) s.NetClient.SendPacket(writer, false); } Have fun!


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  3. Release Orange

    Just a harmless orange. This is a fast temp solution to a common problem with (ngs) black cipher's usage of yara to detect signatures in the common cheat engine.
    Just place this in your cheat engine directory and execute it.
    more info on yara:


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