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    Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that anyone can edit (read: update) scripts in the Scripts Database now. For now only the script, MapleStory version and optional remarks can be updated after the script has been posted. Hopefully this will make it easier to update scripts and prevent the Script Database from getting cluttered with outdated scripts. How to Open a script in the Script Database and press the 'Edit' link under the script. Rules The general 'core' rules apply. Abuse will result in a permanent ban. Yours sincerely, Razz
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    Bear in mind that this guy (@gfasdg) just posted the following on a Discord channel: "My ransomware that I've distributed to random people has earned me 1.5 bitcoins so far, and more is coming in by the day."
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    It is because you are returning 0 upon DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, refer https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms682583(v=vs.85).aspx
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    I didn't actually bother reading through the code-snippets to check for minor mistakes, but another good method is to use Cheat Engine to read the address you're trying to hook ; Does it do what you want it to do? If not, you've got an issue in the hooking logic. If it does in fact do what you want (turn the instructions into a jmp to the function), then you can check the hook for errors. Upon a quick glance on the function you use, I see the error pretty clearly: You hook "send" (the exported api from ws2_32), but in your hook you call 'send'. In other words, you're calling your own hook from inside the hook, resulting in a never-ending loop.
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    Old wz edit, you can edit map properties, you need the map id, then enter to "Map.wz>MapX>map id.img>info>fieldLimit" and change it to "0", then you can cast skills on that map. that's how i got to ardenmil with my phantom to steal skills.
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    it's your character id innit double click your own char in game and see if same value is in packet to confirm (should be towards the end of the pkt) i confirmed it for you (idc about my pic): → | 013BBF2A | 6B 00 06 00 39 38 39 37 39 39 1A 44 44 00 .... → | 025DDA40 | 47 01 90 F9 AF 29 1A 44 44 00 FF 00 01 00 00 to answer the second part, how it is created, it is sent to the client upon entering character select.
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    wshh is the self proclaimed god tier hacker aka phoenixgk. in reality he is dumber than a sack of rocks. he probably even use the bypass posted by sprux.
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    This should work fine:
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    @Roast Go by the CreateMutex example (in above code you're not using the correct return type and so on, not sure why your hook is not correctly allocated though): #include <winsock2.h> #include <Ws2tcpip.h> #pragma comment(lib, "Ws2_32.lib") bool Detour__Send() { static decltype(&send) _send = &send; decltype(&send) send_hook = [](SOCKET s, const char *buf, int len, int flags) -> int { /* your code */ return _send(s, buf, len, flags); }; return SetHook(true, reinterpret_cast<void**>(&_send), send_hook); }
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    if a skill packet is sent(easy to check for, or just send your own) and the reply from the server is "you cannot cast this skill on this map" or whatever the fuck the message is, i doubt there is a way to get around the server sided check. unless you find some other way to inject it that the server does not account for. have you tried various summon injection methods?
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    An easier approach would be to find the hide/show UI window function, figure out where it's called from, attempt to call it from that map, if it isn't accessed, keep backtracing. When you figure out where it "stops" allowing you, you'll know what it's comparing against - now you make a static pointer to that offset and read what sets that value from the map-packet.
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    One word: Rekt
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    GK just stole my emulator bypass (https://github.com/VirtualPuppet/NexonGameSecurity-bypass-alternative), since they are nothing but unoriginal thieves. However, this is a memory bypass and not an emulator If the demand for Windows 7 support is high enough (I have no clue how many people still run that operating system), I may consider reworking the bypass to support it. Like this post only if you run Windows 7.
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    Version 1.0.0


    So I started working on a new NexonGameSecurity bypass about a week ago, because I was very interested in the new security model of their anti-tampering modules, and I am proud to say that this is without doubt the most advanced piece of software that has been developed in the efforts to bypass MapleStory anti-cheat solutions. The primary goal of the bypass, was to make it compatible with any game that runs NexonGameSecurity, and that seems to have been accomplished. However, this bypass will only work on x64 systems, and therefore does not support x86 (32-bit) systems. If the demand for 32-bit support is high, this might be implemented in the future. Since this is a generic bypass, it was not possible to code it as a DLL stub that auto-injects itself (different games has different dependencies), so I've also included a simple MapleStory stub DLL (dinput8.dll), which will auto-load itself, block the internal MapleStory multiclient-checks and load the NexonGameThreat.dll file. If you use this with MapleStory, simply: Drop all files (NexonGameThreat.dll, NexonGameHooks_x64.dll, dinput8.dll) into the MapleStory folder, and run MapleStory as always. If you use this with another game, it is important to understand that: The NexonGameThreat-files assumes that: The game folder is found in an arbitrary location: "<drive>:\<game_path>" The ngs folder is found in an arbitrary location: "<drive>:\<game_path>\<ngs_folder>" Due to the nature of this, the following constraints are in place: NexonGameThreat.dll doesn't care about its own location, as it must be injected manually into the host process. NexonGameHooks_x64.dll must be exactly one folder upstream from the ngs_folder. The wisest would be to place both files exactly one folder upstream from the ngs_folder, as that is the test-environment they were developed in.
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    I disagree. The security complexity of 2011 compared to now is about 1:10
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    Im sure you guys can find these useful: MOB_ACTION: MOB_EFFECT: MOVE_ACTION_TYPE:
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    I want to buy Korean maplestory SCRIPTS money is not a problem Or bypss mscrc ngs$$$$ Thanks email:sunggyae@korea.com
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    Okay, so I have been trying to address the Windows 7 issue, and it appears that the method simply is not properly supported on Windows 7 because of how kernel loader works on that operating system. I can bypass the failure to load the hook-dll, but it will not be able to access its imports properly, either due to failure in relocating the imagebase/imports, or because the imported libraries does not initialize properly. Eitherway, the bypassing technique will not support Windows 7 for the foreseeable future (unless I decide to switch method), but has been proven working on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
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