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    About As some of you know 2017 was a great year for those in the community who took the chances and risks to learn more. Here is a small sample from what was found. Overview The toy sdk known also as toybox sdk is Nexon's new sdk library for managing purchases, login, and user information. There has been some noise over the possibility of using it in PC games but currently is limited to their mobile development groups and partners. The main image I have posted is a uml sample diagram of how purchases work. The following are source code or snippets of usages of the sdk in action or extra document snippets that have yet to be included. Updated Service Documentation https://m-developer.nexon.com/server.html Unofficial Chinese Documentation http://docs.itop.qq.com/reference2/Channel/Toy/ What this includes: project folder source code What this doesn't include: developer git history, developer documentation papers, super exposing information
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