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  1. aasdfrlsbypass

    Information Information regarding HaRepacker

    lol ok probably you're smart. I fixed some HaRepacker's bug and built it. this one should work for current gms verison, but I wouldn't guarantee.
  2. aasdfrlsbypass

    Information Information regarding HaRepacker

    let's see if this works https://www.virustotal.com/ja/file/c8ea8e5f5991c5a8177a47b35986b0456d008f0a17a56ce7bf024110cd98b976/analysis/1473032429/ Release.rar
  3. aasdfrlsbypass

    MultiMS Code

    BOOL multi() { HANDLE hMutex = OpenMutex(MUTEX_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, _T("WvsClientMtx")); if (hMutex != NULL) ReleaseMutex(hMutex); return TRUE; }
  4. aasdfrlsbypass


    Hi everyone, my nickname is mhrr, asdff brother. I'm living in Japon and I'm 18 years old, currently NEET. I don't even play Moople now just creating and updating hacks for fun. Likes : watching anime, coding, reverse engineering, playing eroge