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  1. He might be irrelevant thats why you cant tag him
  2. welcome to this dead forum hope you enjoy your stay .
  3. Size

    Question how to make maple not lag on vmware?

    So are you trying to say that youre running a 32bit VM?
  4. Size

    Introduction Hello<3

    The reason i say maple is not the place to learn is cause its not like it was 8 years ago. Where everything was more "exploitable" you have to take that into account. If it was that easy as you say it is then we would be seeing a whole lot more content then we do now. Other than by the same old people that has been releasing trainers/scripts for the past 8-9 years don't you think? You're making it seem i'm implying that it's impossible for him to learn That convo was referring to sprux not the OP.
  5. Size

    Introduction Hello<3

    So you're saying if he decided to learn today it would take him the same amount of time that it took you? What i'm trying to get at is i don't think maple is the ideal place to start learning.
  6. Size

    Question how to make maple not lag on vmware?

    What ps server are you talking about?
  7. Size

    Introduction Hello<3

    Im sure it took you a month or two not one day ?.
  8. Size

    Introduction Hello<3

    You cant just wake up one-day and say oh i wanna make scripts it doesn't work like that.
  9. Size

    Discussion What should I hack?

    Wanna help me make a trainer for smite i already made a aim bot and have a few pointers .
  10. Size

    Feedback Hidden threads

    Pointless people could just sign up take scripts then leave so it really makes no difference