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  1. Mehodin

    Help Please Remove

    I mean I don’t have it but either you can update it, or write it form scratch i don’t know if they encrypted the peoplecount offset but if you get it and decrypt it, you can call LogOut address when the count is more than just you, or more than just you and your kanna
  2. Mehodin

    Question general programming question

    I mean I don’t know ASM and I’m pretty new in coding on itself. But I started with Python. Being honest it wasn’t a choice I made myself, but more because Terminal’s scripter uses python. I’m omw to start learning cpp and eventually ASM. And python is pretty easy to start out with. But in the end it’s up to u
  3. Mehodin

    Question how do i make hacks,bypasses,exploits?

    I mean I can tell you about how to write a bypass n shit. But I don’t know either. You’re best off learning how to reverse engineer first and learn cpp and ASM. Exploits, play around with packets and cheatengine. That’s all I know tbh. writing a trainer isn’t too hard tbh. You just grab the framework from Xenon and edit it with new scripts and finish the framework (CELibrary)
  4. Mehodin

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    +1 on this, I know that I’m not really a known person on moopler but I was here like 1-2 years ago. And it was massive. And I notice from myself that even if I WANT to learn, I usually don’t want to put the effort and time into learning to update for example an AOB when using the PDB. I don’t know man, I’d love to see moopler active again but there’s a different huge forum right now that pretty much has the monopoly on trainers and amount of members. ps. Can’t force new members to join moopler either
  5. Mehodin

    Information Soul Saver packet editor

    Lel, do you know how to write a bypass tho?
  6. Mehodin

    Information Soul Saver packet editor

    Does it have an anti cheat?
  7. You can for example use the script AASDF failed to update, just fix it (if you know how to ofc, sadly, i dont)
  8. Mehodin

    Help Updating Scripts

    I think you're trying to use "Inline ASM"? Where you can "copy paste" a .CE script (ASM) into a trainer? If yes, just google "How to inline ASM" or whatever
  9. Mehodin

    Release V186.2

    Hello!! So I compiled all the scripts from someone.So this is pretty much a simple thing, Its a cheatengine file.How to use:Make sure you have the bypass!!! Download: https://www.gamekiller.net/threads/gkbypass-public-maplestory-bypass-last-updated-june-22.3250371/Step 1.Open mapleStep 2.Open this Cheatengine.Step 3.Step 4.Tick the hacks you want and enjoy I am not responsible for what happens, if you get banned, please mention it below, but do not blame me please. Another thing, If anything doesn't work, tell me. Since I do not have the time to test everything, you know, school life.ILL BE ADDING ANY SCRIPT I CAN FIND!!Again, Huge shoutout to any person that wrote the scripts.Enjoy!! DOWNLOAD HERE!!!! https://mega.nz/#!MvITVSTL!RNcPu-nK32XzSoMBmfBU1RmkAY_VSujeN5Ngz943JsU PS. im still looking for scripts, if you have any scripts that i dont have here yet, please share it with me so i can add it. THANKS!!Updatelog:1. 26/6/2017- Added Auto Attack, AutoHP and MP crashes for now, stand by while i try to fix it. Don't use.2. 26/26/2017 - Added Skill Injection
  10. Mehodin

    Question B>999 att equips on luna

    Bumppp!! earrings bought. Just looking for a ring or 2 maybe. (permanently tradable pls)
  11. Mehodin

    Question B>999 att equips on luna

    Nah I was just joking. I'm interested too
  12. Mehodin

    Question B>999 att equips on luna

    i believe this is MY thread
  13. Mehodin

    Question B>999 att equips on luna

    oh wait really? sorry man i didnt know that. i just couldn't find the market section