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  1. guru007

    Request LF> Infinite Pianus Spawn Exploit

    TBH infinte painus sucks, shit drops , shit exp
  2. guru007

    Question Hyper teleport packet structure

    http://forum.ragezone.com/f427/kms-1-2-253-gms-1109433/ Ragezone peeps prolly know alot more on packet structure. Trying asking around on their forums.
  3. guru007

    Question Hyper teleport packet structure

    did you look at the KMS dump ?
  4. So I used this on my mules a lot in order to farm up easy hero coins for event scrolls. Apparently depositing max coins into the NPC was a bad idea (needed for 1% quest and 2016 quest). Last night 5 mules were perm banned. Gonna try for an appeal today, see what they say. I suggest decreasing the value to a reasonable amount;10-15k. Don't deposit >3mill into the npc.
  5. Thanks, my search function was searching from the middle, XD. I updated it. Got an example quest_ID & NPC id I can test.
  6. I'm having trouble updating this, the AOB scan for the address keeps changing
  7. guru007

    Release GMS Scripts v175.2

    just a kami FYI, set you're Y range >0 , touching the floor is known to cause dc after sometime. Is there a way to keep your char afloat when waiting for mob respawn?
  8. guru007

    happy bday sprux

    Happy birthday