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  1. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Help me to make Pet Item Vac faster

    Because a pet too far away from you will teleport back to you
  2. Somewhere in EnterField (iirc) it calls some identification API on the socket object to check the IP address of the remote host. If it is not within the "allowed" range of MapleStory IPs, the game is crashed.
  3. That works too, but you'll still face problems with the gethostname checks
  4. It has nothing to do with NGS. You're being detected by virtualized "SafeDll" functions thatchecks for corruption in networking files. If you want to resirect, you hve to use the method I derived where we hook deeper into the connect chain (I believe Rajan released it on ragezone)
  5. NewSprux2.0?

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    That would ruin the entire point of "if you know what you're doing" ?
  6. NewSprux2.0?

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    It's not actually patched, they just changed a single thing in the process. If you know what you're doing, you can still use it .
  7. Hello, I've learned so much from your writing before I became a member here. Thank you very much for that.
    So I made my name like this, too.
    By any chance, the Korean server multI-loader is not operational due to NGS, can you request implementation? You are God.

    I don't mind if I don't mind, I got a lot of help from you, so I want to be a good friend of you. If you don't mind, can you be a Telegram friend? My ID is @ bay011.

    You've made something I can't do with my skills.

    I hope there are always so many good things to cheer for. :)

  8. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Turn on/off Godmode after a period of time

    C2 2C 00 6A FF? What? You don't need the 6A FF, it's redundant
  9. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    Yes, if it is raw packets then byte arrays are just ... well... a sequence of bytes ? Strings can be both char-strings and wchar-strings. In a regular string (char-string) every character is 1 byte long. In a wchar-string (wide char), every character is 2 bytes.
  10. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    Could also look like some kind of wrong encoding (utf8 vs unicode vs ascii).
  11. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    It appears that the hook address is not allocated in the given process.
  12. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    Haha didn't notice, my bad
  13. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    @Erotica he uses WriteProcessMemory so I think he's writing from a remote procesS
  14. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    The problem is that you calculate the address for a local function then write the jump to a remote process where the local function doesn't exist.
  15. NewSprux2.0?

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    I didn't actually bother reading through the code-snippets to check for minor mistakes, but another good method is to use Cheat Engine to read the address you're trying to hook ; Does it do what you want it to do? If not, you've got an issue in the hooking logic. If it does in fact do what you want (turn the instructions into a jmp to the function), then you can check the hook for errors. Upon a quick glance on the function you use, I see the error pretty clearly: You hook "send" (the exported api from ws2_32), but in your hook you call 'send'. In other words, you're calling your own hook from inside the hook, resulting in a never-ending loop.