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  1. aldks123

    Question How to bypass FMA D/C?

    How to bypass FMA D/C?
  2. aldks123

    Release MapleStory Korea Unpack

    please unpack kms 1.2.279
  3. aldks123

    Question Rune help

    Hello KMS Rune keys functions is virtualizationed. So, I can't get current rune key arrows. please, find getting current rune key arrows.
  4. aldks123

    Question kinesis

    Hello I talk about Korea Maple story. Kinesis Drain and Grap if we use FMA it, CS attack, so not die monster. how to bypass?
  5. aldks123

    Question Packet

    Hi I try capture packet Drop 10 meso but header is changed when I CC Packet: db yy yy 9B 0A 03 00 03 00 00 00 E1 00 00 00 00 00 // Drop 10 Mesos -> Packet: db xx xx 9B 0A 03 00 03 00 00 00 E1 00 00 00 00 00 // Drop 10 Mesos How can I do?
  6. Can You unpack Korean Maplestory Client 1.2.273? or Can you picture video how to unpack themida and unvirtualize
  7. aldks123

    Question How to get packet?

    How to get packet? by using CClientSocket::SendPacket function I want to get packet but not using DPE (It's packet capturer program)
  8. aldks123

    Question Mob Vac DC

    I make Mob vac by using both platform and coordinate (double) but all mob vac is DC why DC? Can you help me?
  9. aldks123

    Question How to get packet

    How to get packet? example : db 42 01 FF FF FF 00 0A 00 00 00 // Drop 10 Mesos
  10. aldks123

    Question how to bypass ngs

    Do you know how to bypass ngs? You don't know my bypassing method It' work. but blackchiper detects openprocess.
  11. aldks123

    Question how to bypass ngs

    I want to know method to bypass ngs detetion at KMS I have xigncode bypass but, I don't have NGS bypass Can I tell me method ? xigncode bypass use "ntopenprocess hook" so I have to bypass NGS detetion
  12. aldks123

    Help!? Please help me - xigncode bypass

    Hello. I have problem. I want to bypass xigncode, but I can't find bypass And xigncode emulater is not working Please help me.