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  1. noobistnoober

    Help Updating packet injection in ver. 176?

    I'm trying to update a packet sending function. I suspect the reason for it's breaking is the client socket. What changed that caused it to break? I think the main problem is here in the SendPacket: mov edi,dword[ebp+0x0C] ;cclientsocket What changed? All the AoBs all seem right. Link to the scripter: https://www.gamekiller.net/threads/gms-v171-3-javascript-scripter-map-rusher-gui-packet-send-recv-inventory-movement-repl-more.3241519/
  2. noobistnoober

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    can you update FML? The last AoB is broken
  3. noobistnoober

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    do you have an updated kami v2 script?
  4. noobistnoober

    Release GMS Scripts v175.2

    Any solution to the lag when you use pet loot on items? Also is there anyway to get rid of all the balls when kinesis uses gND
  5. noobistnoober

    Information Information regarding HaRepacker

    uhhh what the hell is that suppose to be Not gonna download a random file.
  6. noobistnoober

    Information Information regarding HaRepacker

    Yeah that's the whole problem. HaRepacker is great but horribly outdated for the current version of the game.
  7. Uhh so straight to the point; it's outdated as fuck. If you use HaRepacker you should probably know this/already know. I use HaRepacker to mainly to extract ids and other stuff for various purposes An example of this problem is when you try to extract "check.img" in "Quest.wz" which contains the quest ids and the NPCs associated with each quest. If you check quest.wz you'd realise that the some quest ids have gone over 65535 (FF FF), I'm guessing the creator of Harepacker never anticipated quests surpassing FF FF (2 bytes). But now that there are quests that go could go up to 4 bytes there is an issue. If you try to extract quest ids and probably other things as well you'll notice 2 errors: 1. The extraction stops when the Id reaches 65535 2. HaRepacker crashes due to new animations aka Ursus So yeah HaRepacker is pretty broken atm. Uhhh if someone could make a better wz extractor that would be great pls i want 2 find exploits :((((
  8. noobistnoober

    Help Auto Kishin

    Send skill packet for kishin every x minutes.
  9. I have a problem where I overlevel. Is there any scripts for crashing maplestory when X level is reached?
  10. noobistnoober

    Question D/C;ing script

    just kill the process?
  11. noobistnoober

    Outdated GMS Script Library v173

    can i request updated cpu hack?
  12. noobistnoober

    Map pointer?

    How do you find the map pointer? I have the AoBs for the map ID (89 87 ?? ?? 00 00 c6 87 ?? ?? 00 00 01) edit: never mind found it.
  13. noobistnoober

    Exploit Quest Packet Spoofer gMS 173.1

    oh...some how I must of missed it when I was searching
  14. noobistnoober

    Exploit Quest Packet Spoofer gMS 173.1

    That quest isn't in check.img which usually contains the npc + quests