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  1. Crypt707

    Question Structured Sniffing Logger

    oh really......... dam Aasdf I had hopes for a new refresh PE.
  2. Crypt707

    Question Structured Sniffing Logger

    Can you link me to the source please. or if is still for sale let me know the price too.
  3. Crypt707

    Farewell A long overdue goodbye

    See you again on a few weeks
  4. Crypt707

    Discussion Packet Library

    Oh Shit I got troll XD, the 5/18 date got me I tough was May 2018 for a moment.
  5. Crypt707

    Discussion Packet Library

    I'm glad you starting this project, as a packet editor user, increase and decrease value command, a conversion tool for DEC to packet, hex able to label opcodes unless you got this already, white list of opcodes. it this will generate all packet structure from a specific opcode?
  6. changing the fieldlimit to 0 via map.wz or by scanning the id on CE and changing the value to 0 allows me to use basic skills, but other job skills are null to be honest i'm more into the UI restriction, I try packets too but they are null as well the bold byte "16" for example will open old skill maker but even with this packet still restricted. T_T
  7. I think my bypass can't handle debug, exactly when I back tracing to a pointer it crash instantly I may need an unpack version? for CField::IsSkillForbidden will be the same question? other then searched on IDA first. searching for the Decimal fieldlimit id on CE and replacing with ceros semi does that job But for UI's is different story I find the caller and every time I send a packet I get the correct value on EAX from there i place my back trace to EBP pop this is where it crash client, I can't trace no further.
  8. I need help where to look on CE as the title describe some maps are not allow to cast skills or open other windows I know that if I bypass, it maybe clientside , and I may dc, etc, etc. I just need a hint I look into the entire opcode packet for map related switching 01 to 00 or 00 to 01 hoping to enable or disable this restriction almost simular to what this guy ask on ragezone. http://forum.ragezone.com/f566/jump-quest-event-map-skill-979172/ please help
  9. Crypt707

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    LOL it was just a sarcasm joke to newSprux. I didn't mean to push anyones buttons.
  10. Crypt707

    Question general programming question

    cheatengine forum open the doors for me into asm, i'm still a noob but in progress of learning more. they have some good noob friendly tutorials.
  11. focus on money make money money money I love money. cause i'm super poor this year.
  12. Crypt707

    Question How to remove background

    Of course they do, what I mean the packet I posted below my thread "51 01" opens the UI for macro detection, is NOT for bypassing the captcha system
  13. Crypt707

    Question How to remove background

    This is the entire format packet you get on receive quite big well this is for gms actually v191, you can just send this packet below 51 01 01 11 F2 00 00 28 70 2F 00 96 04 FF 00