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  1. ButterSmooth

    Question How to find skill ids

    Forgive me if i'm wrong but why wouldn't you dump string.wz directly. You would have the SkillID as well as the skill name.
  2. ButterSmooth

    Discussion Packet Library

    Stuck in the matrix
  3. ButterSmooth

    Discussion Packet Library

    And 1 year ._.
  4. ButterSmooth

    Question Where is "Rune Power" Skill in Skill.wz ?

    80001433 Rune Power 80001434 Rune Power
  5. ButterSmooth

    Help Turn on/off Godmode after a period of time

    Pretty sure it was this.
  6. ButterSmooth

    Help Help finding CUserLocal address on v193.1

    That was probably because of Character X Location Offset
  7. Learning about IDA ._. It seems to be such an uphill task >_> Happy new year to everyone btw
  8. I tried to use this tutorial. For some reason my maple crashes once DLL is injected.
  9. ButterSmooth

    Question MaplestorySEA bypass/trainer

    Oh no wonder i saw no more post about those xigncode. Thanks for all those answer.
  10. ButterSmooth

    Question MaplestorySEA bypass/trainer

    Do you think that they might possibly be using the same xign? I believe EMS is using XiGNCode too. Can i possibly PM the coder to slightly modify it to make it compatible for MSEA too?
  11. ButterSmooth

    Question MaplestorySEA bypass/trainer

    Hi there. I'm just asking around cause MSEA is basically the only server i can play. Is there a working bypass or hack for it? I've seen those hackers around but it seems that there are no public hacks around? Thanks for the help.
  12. ButterSmooth

    Maplesea Cheat Engine

    Have suspected that was the case Feelsbadman i doubt there will be any Xign bypass to bypass this for MSEA Oh and i forgot. Thanks
  13. ButterSmooth

    Maplesea Cheat Engine

    Hey guys. I was hoping to be able to open cheat engine up in Maplesea to attempt to update some bypassless hack. But apparently when i open cheat engine, the cheat engine forces close. Any Help??