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  1. This can be done with a bunch of other skills too Credits to the fobs over at TwMS
  2. Chubbz

    Question FMA Leveling up DC

    If you really want to know who 'made' the script, I made it for Fameguy(?) when Shade was released
  3. Chubbz

    Question how to bypass ngs

    You should go ahead and try that and tell me how that goes for you.
  4. Chubbz

    Question how to bypass ngs

    Hooking just NtOpenProcess for XignCode won't bypass it, it has a lot more detections... As a matter of fact, NGS is easier than XC
  5. Chubbz

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    what mob vac?
  6. Chubbz

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    Where's the one I help make months ago? That shit was easier and hooks right function
  7. Chubbz

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    You've gotten better at making scripts, good to see
  8. Chubbz

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    I'm the one who originally made that script.. I shared it with the creators of Ebolaze and it was suppose to be somewhat private until the source for Ebolaze got leaked.. lol
  9. Sadly, it only works with like 3 other skills lol
  10. Chubbz

    Outdated GMS Script Library v173

    A while back, I posted a version of this script in the GK Discord and then people just kept saying "qq wdf point if we hav si scrub" so I removed it... Anyways, here's the one i made from like months ago No-Delay Blazing Extinction //No-Delay Blazing Extinction //Created by Chubbz [enable] 0094FE90: //3D E8 03 00 00 0F 8C ? ? ? ? 8B ? ? ? ? ? 8D db 83 F8 00 90 90 [disable] 0094FE90: db 3D E8 03 00 00
  11. Chubbz

    Request blackcipher bypass method

    Same shit
  12. Chubbz

    Moopler News - February