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  1. melonisme

    Help C++ Converting textbox input to int

    try defaultHP = int::Parse(textBox1->Text);
  2. melonisme

    Release Orange

    Can you re upload ? the download link does not work for me thanks.
  3. melonisme

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    after every sever check youll need to restart your pc if kami dcs.
  4. melonisme

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    Since the packet is different for each and every slot, youll have to find which byte is being changed and if you are using dpe u can just replace it with Add(_slot u want to start with_,_slot you want to end with_) both in hex
  5. melonisme

    Question unlimited amount BE

    wait what? you're telling samis1 to scroll down to samis1's comment ? lel. alse, he is asking in this thread for unlimited *amount* of be's not unlimited time for be.
  6. melonisme

    Release GMS Scripts v175.2

    except it will only work for the current vr -.- AoB would be 8B 7D ? 8B 97 ? ? ? ? 52 8D ? ? E8
  7. melonisme

    Feedback Elite section name

    1337 Moopler
  8. melonisme

    Request [Request] Item ID'S

    http://pastebin.com/raw/WDQ0bHPu CTRL+F ur items Credits to YeeShin for uploading i guess lel
  9. melonisme

    Help ASM code injection with DLL in C++

    yeah you can allocate new process memory, use this example DWORD hookaddy = 0x0047F474; DWORD useless; VirtualProtect((LPVOID)hookaddy, 5, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &useless); *(BYTE *)hookaddy = 0xE9; // JMP *(int *)(hookaddy + 1) = (int)myfunc- (int)hookaddy - 5; //the func address void myfunc() { __asm{ INC EAX JMP oldaddr+1 } } it will rewrite your hook address to JMP to your Func that you wrote in ASM. hopefully i made it easier to understand
  10. make sure the address is green and not black, did u scan on clean ms or did u inject something?
  11. melonisme

    Outdated GMS Script Library v173

    Lol pretty sick, is there a way to put delay in it since its so fast it lags the fk out of me even with no damage show and gets my cpu to 20% in one client XDXD Edit: Ok i managed to add a delay using the way that pet iv delays or ndsi, but i have a question, if i check everytime the delay variable hits 70 then its as a delay of 70ms? i mean when i write it to go back to the normal addy everytime the variable is not 2 for example its aloooot slower than everytime the variable is not 1. Sorry if its hard to understand what i'm saying lol