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  1. YeeShin

    Other IDA 7.0

    Thank you.
  2. YeeShin

    Introduction My introduction >3

    Welcome to Moopler.
  3. R.I.P. Donald. We need a petition to change Kerning Tower name to Trump Tower.
  4. YeeShin

    Other DC

    Then you have to wait for the creator to update.
  5. YeeShin

    Other DC

    Maybe the bypass is outdated or something? Try re-downloading it.
  6. YeeShin

    Other DC

    Check the hacks/scripts you enabled, one of them might cause that.
  7. YeeShin

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    MapVirtualKeyA is not defined maybe? It's better to post the script to see what's wrong.
  8. YeeShin

    Question FMA Leveling up DC

    Just don't use General FMA and use skill specific FMA. (Like Orbital Flame FMA or BE FMA)
  9. YeeShin

    Help Help with updating a script

    You can use packets also. Just log the packet when you hit the green plant and spam it with a Packet Editor.
  10. YeeShin

    Help Help with updating a script

    I updated the script and separated it into 2 scripts and added AoB's. You have to enable both of them to get it to work like the old script. Reactor Force Break V2: Reactor Morph V2:
  11. YeeShin

    Discussion New design

    It looks pretty good. (The red icon is )
  12. FMA will only work on certain skills and not all skills.