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  1. CJ.

    Help [Request] Packet Sending addies v183.3

    Tested and work. Structs didn't change.
  2. CJ.

    Help [Request] Packet Sending addies v183.3

    The script in the scripts database work, I tested it. Causes of dc might be you didn't fix the packet size (if the packet is bigger) in the script or because you send a packet with the same timestamp too many time (it doesn't support randomization).
  3. CJ.

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    At quick glance, an address isn't updated related to looting. Change the address to 029F86AC above "dd ItemHook". Causes of d/c while using kami: -Teleporting isn't consistent (when there's no mob the script teleport you to topleft instead of stopping the teleport so this shouldn't be an issue) -Sliding on platforms will d/c Other than that, idk.
  4. CJ.

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Updated Blazing Extinction stuff from DAVHEED. just missing cast BE anywhere and remove tail effect I think, but not really necessary. Since BE FMA is patched, just set as many fireballs to hit full map...
  5. CJ.

    Question Attack Count Increase

    yea. I think orb flame has an hyper skill that add lines.
  6. CJ.

    Question Attack Count Increase

    I think it was meant for skills that has hyper skills that add lines of damage.
  7. CJ.

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Kami + Loot (AIRRIDE): Put your attack key on CTRL and your loot key on Z. Set Kami_LootWhen (line 24) to the number of item on the ground when you want to loot. Set it to #-1, if you don't want to loot.
  8. CJ.

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Inject Send Packet: How to use: 1.Enable Script 2.Press F1 to inject send packet
  9. CJ.

    Help GMS v. 178.4 Kami

    Some reasons why Kami d/c: -Sliding on platforms(?) -Teleporting must be constant(?), in the script you posted, kami stops when all mobs are cleared(?) the one I posted teleport to the top left of the maps when all mobs are cleared. Not sure tho. Use this with Kami:
  10. CJ.

    Help [Request] Flush socket/MakebufferList address

    FlushSocketAddy is wrong. 1. Go to 'send' in memory view, copy the address. 2. 4-Byte(Hex) scan that address, it will give the pointer (First Result) (023B74CC for gms 178.3). 3. Reverse 023B74CC to CC 74 3B 02. 4. Aob scan: FF 15 CC 74 3B 02 5. It will give 2 results that calls the send api. GMS v.178.3 If you do the same steps for GMS v.177.3, it gives 3 results that calls the send api, the third result was FlushSocketAddy. FlushSocketAddy takes 1 param (ret 0004). 00A33F33 = 00697083 they both take 2 params (ret 0008) 00A41F08 = 006A5298 they both take 0 params (ret) FlushSocketAddy is probably virtualized, idk. Edit: Wrong information; forget it.
  11. CJ.

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    hmmm I might have a guess why it's client-sided. For orbital flame 0F (15) lines seems to be the max you can put without it being client-sided. at this line: mov eax,0F try lowering and see what you can get? Hyper skills that adds line(s) of damage, you could actually get that extra line(s) without actually using a point into it.
  12. CJ.

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    What skill is that? Should look like this.
  13. CJ.

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    You'll have to update opcodes, but it should look similar to that orbital flame script.
  14. CJ.

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    At this box: Right Click -> Goto address (should be the second option in the menu) -> Type 'ESPList' without the quotes Display type is the 7th option in the menu.