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    Feedback your doing good, but..

    I think the drawback to people posting their own updates in the scripts section is that they either end up making a duplicate post of what they're updating and cluttering up the database, or they will comment on the original post with the new version, but not many bother to check the comments and it ends up being an awkward way of maintaining things anyway @Razz Maybe allow users to submit their own edits to the original script post and then wait for moderator approval before publishing (to avoid aasdf-type shitposting and whatnot), so sort of in a wiki style
  2. Taking your leave now that you've been found out aasdf? Sounds about right, see you on one of your next alternate accounts (probably next week).

    Help CheatEngine Lua writeString to Resolution Changer

    Try changing channels a couple times or entering different values, your script does work it's just a bit wonky.
  4. 00F15480 // 55 8B EC 8B 55 ?? 81 FA ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F 8F ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F 84 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8D 82 ?? ?? ?? ?? 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F 87 ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F B6 80 ?? ?? ?? ?? FF 24 85 ?? ?? ?? ?? FF 75 ?? 83 C1 ?? E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 5D

    Introduction Hello<3

    I feel like a lot of different points are being made here and is getting misinterpreted I get where you're coming from, but personally disagree. Just because the game isn't as broken as it used to be doesn't mean it's all that much harder (not that I meant to imply it was easy to begin with, that's not what my DB quote was referring to), in fact even if a lot of methods are outdated it is still always good reference material, tons of current public exploit concepts are based off old examples that came out years ago. And as for the amount of content... again, I would disagree since we actually have been seeing a lot more public releases in recent years, not to mention the amount of useful resources for making/finding new methods like DPE, the KMST leak or Fives recent client releases

    Introduction Hello<3

    Why wouldn't it be? That's how I and a lot of others in the scene started learning, granted I'm not some l33t exploiter or even a coder by any means but Maple is easily one of the most (if not the most) well documented MMOs out there in terms of memory editing with CE, packets, etc... And in the words of lord Dark Bae himself: And it's not like OP even said they were going to "learn in a day" So your point doesn't really make sense my friend, no offense or anything.

    Help How to call a Lua function in AA

    That script does not have the offset it gets the value by the records description in the addresslist (since it's less messy IMO to simply add them as records), you could always just read it directly in your Lua with readPointer See here for documentation on CELua functions: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cheat-engine/cheat-engine/master/Cheat Engine/bin/main.lua

    Help How to call a Lua function in AA

    Not sure exactly what you're looking to do but I made a small example here you could adapt to your trainer: You can add your AA scripts as memory records and then use one record to toggle all their active property, add player count offset as a address and read its value in your Lua table to tell other functions that player count has changed.

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Auto Attack revised More keycodes, fixed hold attack, added delay, etc. Can use this optionally if you want to check when there's no mobs (or check for players with people count offset)
  10. NORBIN

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

  11. NORBIN

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    iirc DPE uses double quotation marks for wildcards ""
  12. NORBIN

    Question What is Jr Boogie address for Auto Familiar?

    Few more IDs if anyone needs them. Mutant Snail - 97FC04 Mutant Ribbon Pig - 97FC07 Wolf Underling - 97FBEE Eye Of Time - 97FB93
  13. NORBIN

    Help Clear Field UI

    Hook address is incorrect, should be 012C37BC
  14. NORBIN

    Release Gaurd Godmode 179.2

    It would make more sense if you just posted in the current scripts thread rather than creating a new release topic for each script you've updated, I'm sure the community would appreciate that as well
  15. NORBIN

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    Familiar Disarm No Blue Boxes Meso Hook Blink Godmode Tried some addresses for attack count but most of it was CS when going past the default number of lines unfortunately. 01C910D6 is also the addy for Shade Spirit Claw & Blaster Shotgun Punch.