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  1. infinitejl

    Question Attack Count Increase

    i crash instantly, is there an updated version for this?
  2. infinitejl

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    Dragon Dive Full Map Attack doesn't work, doesn't dc or anything, just nothing change.
  3. infinitejl

    Release [release] fixed mob disarm.

    i tried this: [Enable] 00B9F2EA: // 75 ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? jmp 00B9F74E // 8B 86 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C0 0F 84 ?? ?? ?? ?? 2B 45 ?? 0F 89 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 8D ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? db 90 90 90 90 [Disable] 00B9F2EA: jne 00B9F301 but it made so many changes after the address it crashed the game, and i got lazy to keep searching since i have a crap computer and i didn't want to keep wasting time on trying since getting in again takes me like more then 5 minutes. this script works great, but would love to see how you would do it razz since i know you're great with hacking and i might learn from it thanks in advance.
  4. I couldn't disable mob disarm because it changed the wrong address, here is the working one: [Enable] 00B9F2EA: // 75 ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CE E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? jmp 00B9F74E // 8B 86 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C0 0F 84 ?? ?? ?? ?? 2B 45 ?? 0F 89 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 8D ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? db 90 90 90 90 [Disable] 00B9F2EA: jne 00B9F301 mov ecx,esi call 00B8F5D0 mov ecx,esi call 00B658B0 mov ecx,esi call 00B62510 mov ecx,esi just use this and you can disable and enable it when you want. enjoy
  5. infinitejl

    Question Hyper teleport packet structure

    is it work for ems or only gms? would like to use it on ems
  6. Shit i have to many ... um. . Dmg barrage+demon avenger didnt work, and kami+evan if im not wrong didnt work either.
  7. infinitejl

    Question Mob vac ems

    Is it safe? I tried updating wall vac, auto ban lol, thought all the server sided vacs are patched. It worked for like a sec, i was like "finally, my first release...nvm..." I cant even manage to update from gms aobs... im such a freaking leecher bla... @Razz @xScriptZx wanna help me learn updating scripts in pv?
  8. Nope not working, and i use yours
  9. some things don't work with kami cause the air check just doesn't work on them, this is one of the things. i can handle the dc's from kami, i just put the laptop near me and use the other one, and every time i dc i just relog. but the air check... no idea what to do with that =X
  10. damn, it's great, but you can't kami/fma with it thanks though, great hack =D
  11. found another half-fix for this. some of the maps dc after about 1-2 minutes. and some maps can dc u after 20 minutes+, you just need to find a map that works for you. that's a semi-fix, i know, but better then nothing, especially for those who want to get to 4th job to fma with certain jobs. dunno how to make an auto login so this is the best i can do to help you guys, good luck edit: forgot to add something really important!! on kami script, you have a line that say: define(y_dist,#0) you need to change it to: define(y_dist,#50) there are two reasons you want to do that: 1. if you kill the spawn fast enough, you will fall down to the ground, since the y is to low, u will go right through the ground, and then it will kind of "respot" you in the map, sometimes, it result in instant dc. 2. i actually noticed that if you change it higher then 0, it will dc you less. now, i use 50, because i attack a small monster, but it depends on the skill you are using, and the size of the monsters u are killing, depending on those details, you can go even higher. 0 is really low, and the higher you go, the higher the number can be, just keep adding 10 until u can't hit, then lower by 10 to make sure u land a hit every time u use the skill.
  12. infinitejl

    Question still cant run hacks on my computer.

    can't reinstall directx since i have a window 8.1, it comes build inside... and i already did try 2015, many, many times.
  13. infinitejl

    Question still cant run hacks on my computer.

    i have all of them installed, all versions, both 64x and 86x
  14. infinitejl

    Question How do I use the Skill Inject + ND script?

    ohhhhh so i keep the [delay] and change the #2? im such a fucking moron LOL okay it doesn't dc, but on the other hand it doesn't do anything cause skills have a cooldown, isnt it supposed to remove the cooldown?