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  1. TricksterJoe

    Discussion Packet Library

    I mean, if we are being honest, all you need to have in a packet library, is a way to log packets, send/recv packets, packet data (ALSO! an option to display packets formatted or raw), block headers.
  2. TricksterJoe

    Discussion Packet Library

    Might be off topic, but the developer using the library should be the one implementing the multi line packet sending, innit? What i would like to see is different colors/some sort of indicators for different packet data's, blocking packet headers, etc.
  3. TricksterJoe

    Other Moopler Discord

    hey man where is the Moopler manager ? hmmmm i thought no bamboozle
  4. TricksterJoe

    Information Exploits.

    yes: 1) get a remote store 2) go to the zakum npc and get the shard 3)sell it 4)repeat 5)free mesos enjoy Don't forget to like&subscribe i make new videos every day and a lot of exploit XDDDD
  5. TricksterJoe

    Information Exploits.

    It's an expression.
  6. TricksterJoe

    Information Exploits.

    Get a packet editor, look for something that might profit you/can be manipulated and go mad
  7. TricksterJoe

    Information Exploits.

    You forgot @YeeShin and @Ezekiel
  8. TricksterJoe

    Introduction My introduction >3

    Would you enlighten me on your incredible famous releases?
  9. TricksterJoe

    Discussion What should I hack?

    I think Blizzard will bother you only when you decide to profit off your aimbot, i had around ~10k active members for around one and a half month, a week after i announced that it's going to be subscription based aimbot, i got a warning before lawsuit from some Blizzard lawyer.
  10. TricksterJoe

    Discussion What should I hack?

    Can confirm, avoid Overwatch aimbots at all costs (Even non-memory based)
  11. TricksterJoe

    Release Arcane Symbol Exploit

    Nexon are a bunch of monkeys
  12. TricksterJoe

    Release Arcane Symbol Exploit

    That's patched mate
  13. TricksterJoe

    Release Jaguar Skill Hack

    completely different hack i think