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  1. Nartronic

    Question reactor morph v188

    It was patched a long time ago.
  2. Nartronic

    Other Pianus spawning for 178.4

    How about you learn to update these scripts yourself instead of leeching off of Moopler for your own good?
  3. Nartronic

    Feedback Elite section name

    This is why I introduced a Karma and Contribution "currencies". The amount of posts you have will only get you so far.
  4. Nartronic

    Feedback Elite section name

    What if we had a "Level" system introduced where based on the number of posts you had and/or contributions you've made you qualify for a "Level Up"? Following things we can take into account for requirements for leveling Post Count (How many posts you have) Karma (Posting good content and/or reviewing other releases, players can grant you +1 Karma under each thread) Contributions (Releases, Script Updates, granted by admins, ONLY 1, each thread) Level 1: Leecher - Requires 0 Posts Level 2: Lurker - Requires 5 posts Level 3: Member - Requires 10 posts Level 3: Apprentice - Requires 20 posts - Requires 10 Karma Level 4: Contributor - Requires 30 posts - Requires 20 Karma - Required 1 Contribution ...... Level 10: Elite - Requires 100 posts - Requires 75 Karma - Requires 10 contributions Just a pretty little neat example I thought I'd put out there!
  5. Nartronic

    Feedback Hidden threads

    P2L (Pay 2 Leech)
  6. Nartronic

    Question lag reducing scripts.

    Oh my bad, didn't notice I was on EMS.
  7. Nartronic

    Question lag reducing scripts.

    Boss Helper Revamped has a "Full CPU Hack" option that basically reduces lag to an extreme. (Black Background, Black Platforms) Basically all you can see are teleports, mobs and other players.