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  1. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Opcode Encryption

    Incoming data isn't the problem, Its how the send opcode are scrambled
  2. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Opcode Encryption

    Just returned to maple and found out they started encrypting their opcodes, I found some information on how to decrypt the 0x28 packet with TripleDES using the character ID and machine ID as a key but that no longer works. Does anyone know if they changed their encryption method or how to obtain the key to decrypt the 0x28 packet?
  3. Requirements:Level 140At least 1 point for Hyper Stat ED 01 ** ** ** ** [SKILL ID] Instructions Save the list of packets in notepad as HyperExploit.txt in C:\ Use the terminal script Useful Skills ED 01 ** ** ** ** FD DF C4 04 - Monolith ED 01 ** ** ** ** AA BA C4 04 - Storm Driver(10b damage) ED 01 ** ** ** ** 97 B9 C4 04 - Rune(1 shot mobs) ED 01 ** ** ** ** 5B 43 23 00 - Holy Symbol(Requires you to assign to a key + be wearing a wand/staff) ED 01 ** ** ** ** 1C 6C 36 02 - Blater Hyper(Inject 37120058 and you now have Blaster GND/FMA on every class) ED 01 ** ** ** ** 5E 63 A9 00 - Falling Moon(Assign to a key. This double your lines. Requires a sword to use) List of damage buffs(10mil+ range depending on class) [By Hasty]https://puu.sh/tVXua/851dc078fd.txtPet Buffs(Useful for bosses/dojo. CCing/Relogging removes them) [By Hasty]https://puu.sh/tVXzM/0a9552be5c.txt
  4. Duey is coming back to take over Donald's shift?
  5. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Hyper Rock CRC-Script

    if you just want to manually teleport to each map you could use the hyper rock recv packet to add the maps
  6. MaTriiXzZ

    Question American gateway loadbalancing

    As far as i know theres 3 login servers and those are the 3
  7. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Already logged in

    lol what was you trying to do
  8. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Inject the packet below as recv and try use the menu to select the frenzy totem skill. FF 02 2B 00 68 74 74 70 73 3A 2F 2F 77 77 77 2E 79 6F 75 74 75 62 65 2E 63 6F 6D 2F 77 61 74 63 68 3F 76 3D 64 51 77 34 77 39 57 67 58 63 51 [Mod Edit] This is a link to a rickroll in hex
  9. MaTriiXzZ

    Other Skip Cutscene Script

    The video cutscenes can be skip by pressing ESC anyway The cutscene where theres npc dialog can only be done by going through the dialog
  10. MaTriiXzZ

    Request FMA normal attack

    Its not possible to FMA with normal attack since there are checks in place. Using FMA with normal attack would result in disconnection or auto ban. The best alternative would be using kami
  11. MaTriiXzZ

    Help Cannot update AutoLogin

    they might have changed something in the login function. what version was the script from before you updated it?
  12. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Hyper teleport packet structure

    The CRC for hyper rock is the Xor sum of 5 values. The value from the 0x0181 header, your character UID, target map id, current map id, secret constant (currently 830623)
  13. MaTriiXzZ

    Question How are timestamps made by the Maplestory client?

    you can spoof the timestamp in the packet but it doesn't have any effect 99% of the time.