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  1. Viriatus

    Moopler Scripts Database

    Great Job! It's already an easy go to script Library, why feed it all at once?
  2. Winner : [ 718J ] Gratz =) CLOSED
  3. *Bump so everyone can participate*
  4. Viriatus

    Introduction Hey!

  5. http://store.steampowered.com/app/416590 Hello Moopler's I got this game on steam to giveaway and its just gaining dust on my inventory and cuz i love Moopler here it is. There are rules to enter nonetheless Rules are simple: Post a number between 1-1000 to enter. I will use this https://www.random.org/ Only one entry per person. If the winning number is duplicated, the earliest poster wins. If the number doesn't get picked, I will pick the closest to the winning number. Enjoy Christmas yall Event closes on 20/12/2k16 swegsweg
  6. Viriatus

    Moopler New theme

    It looks Amazing but the side's look bit empty, overall 4* ^^
  7. Viriatus

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    Pet loot is causing DC?
  8. Viriatus

    Discussion New design

    Looking amazing Razz
  9. You have to be around the same level as the monster on some classes buy for example, kanna's kinesis and blaze wizz it bypass that
  10. Viriatus

    Help Hacking detected

    Dont use Less skill effect's and no delay.
  11. Viriatus

    Release Scripts Library v118.2

    Next time try to search around the forum
  12. Viriatus

    Moopler News Bulletin - September

    Perfect , I wanna see that marketplace!