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  1. sleeveless

    Information Scripts for v162.4

    Wrong, unpack the client and you'll see.
  2. sleeveless

    Question kms ngs crc

  3. sleeveless

    Help Clear Rune Script

    "No idea what the original script did but this removes the rune from your client but doesnt actually activate it so the map still gets cursed"
  4. sleeveless

    Snippet Obtain Login Token [C#]

    Razz, gimme kiss.
  5. sleeveless

    Help Web Development

    ur just mad cuz i can do <h1> headhead </h1>
  6. sleeveless

    Question KMS CRC script

    Why is this centered
  7. sleeveless

    Release Simple Trainer

    You should contribute before talking shit.
  8. sleeveless

    Release Simple Trainer

    Coming from the one that made an account just to post a shitty comment.
  9. sleeveless

    Introduction Hello :)

    I'm noob thnx
  10. sleeveless

    Discussion Packet Library

    Being able to open a .txt file containing packets that can be sent together.
  11. sleeveless

    Introduction My introduction >3

    Welcome little nib!
  12. sleeveless

    Introduction Hello<3

    He wants to learn, big difference buddy.