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  1. Shooter

    Other Skip Cutscene Script

    If i'm not mistaken, deleting the .avi from the folder will do the trick, atleast it does for the loading screen.
  2. This script does crash the client. But it keeps you logged in, so people will still be able to see you. Is there a possibility to just logg off? send the disconnect packet?
  3. Shooter

    Request Auto Pet Feed

    Would someone help me making This script for europe maplestory too? It would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  4. Shooter

    Feedback Elite section name

    Moopler Elite I think the problem with this is, people might start posting stuff just to get their posts up. Meanwhile the posts are useless.
  5. Using the rune, and changing channel after. Your maple closes itself, doesn't matter whether you still have the script enabled or not. #I was mistaken, it's godmode