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  1. Schwan

    Question Need some help with locating KMS MSCRC

    Honsetly I find this subject really interesting even though I'm not much into the MSCRC checks. I'm curious why it's not possible to find at least 1CRC if you break point any address and see what it accesses? Shouldn't it be working like that otherwise how is the CRC able to detect any changes in the memory?
  2. @Ezekiel I hope you don't mind If I fix a mistake you made. I provided two solutions which should output correct values. x = x - 4 or x = x - 4 y = x y = x x = x - 4 x = x - 4 y = y - 4 y = y - 4 y = x - 4 y = x - 4 y = (x - 4) - 4 x = (x - 4) - 4 x = (x - 4) - 4 y = x y = x - 8 x = x - 8 x = x - 8 y = x
  3. Actually you did a mistake in step 2. You can't eliminate those opcodes when after add eax,4 the value of eax is overwritten before sub eax,4 is even reached. I hope you get my point. mov eax, 4 add ebx, eax sub ebx, 8 add eax, 4 mov eax, ebx sub eax, 4 sub ebx, 4
  4. Thank you for your effort to explain this topic. But I'm not sure if it makes much sense to assume the register values are 0 at the beginning. It's probably better just to use a solution where your output is independent from the beginning value of eax and ebx. In this case your first two solution would give incorrect values if ebx != 0 but that one sub ebx,8 mov eax,ebx should work fine. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Schwan

    Discussion Packet Library

    Maybe some on fly packet editing would be helpful for people. You select a Packet header or a specific packet which you can randomize bytes (e.g. timestamps) on. Once you are about to send that kind of packet you block it and send a pre selected one. It's probably more interesting with receive packets tho.
  6. Schwan

    Introduction Hello<3

    This guy just said that he wants to learn so I don't understand why someone would try to impair his motivation. MapleStory is in my opinion the best game to start learning how to hack. The time where I decided to make my own hacks I had no real experience in programming. There wasn't such a thing like the KMST client we have today. There weren't any tutorial or documentation on how to make your own scripts or how maplestory handles things in different circumstances. There was just the legendary in depth guide on Auto Assembly on the cheat engine forum which I could work with. Back then there wasn't such a community who can help you with any problem. There were only a few Contributor who where considered gods for their effort to release things to the public because it wasn't as easy as it is today. You had your CE to debug and in the best case you had a PE who got you return adresses. You had to work with what you have but I still managed to self teach me a hella lot of things and create my own hacks. But now everyone can create scripts easily in the KMST client and learn things super fast with it and all the helpful tutorials and people around even though they have no experience at all. So don't be rude and don't forget that we've all started somewhere. @Christine<3 Welcome and feel free to ask me if u have any general hacking question!
  7. Schwan

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    You can search for the pointer which contains the item id of the last slot in your inventory. If (pointer =! 0) your inventory is full. There are probably better solutions but this should work just fine.
  8. Schwan

    Question how to convert gms scripts to kms ??

    It should be quite easy to convert if you look into the kmst client. I'd have helped you but I don't have anything maplestory related on my pc anymore. But giving out the script could help the people out who wants to help you.