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  1. Lux

    Discussion New design

    I like it a lot Razz.
  2. What bypass you using @Razz
  3. Lux

    What is possible atm?

    GMS should open a new bunch of opportunities to the community.
  4. Lux

    Feedback Future of Moopler

    I'm all for helping with hacks and such, a lot of 'new' people to the scene however tend to get shunned away by people who've been in the scene longer.
  5. Lux

    Moopler News - April

    Expanding to GMS is something that would make me active af.
  6. People are incapable of changing two lines of code and compiling a script, it's pretty bad.
  7. Holy fuck I remember shortkeys, damn the nostalgia.
  8. Lux

    Question Updating Auto CC Script

    I'm trying to update this auto CC script and then would have shared it on here but I'm struggling as I don't think all the AOBs are there, either that or I'm just doing something wrong, here's the original script; [Enable] //need to update Pointer alloc(autoCC,1024) alloc(time,1024) alloc(timecheck,1024) alloc(storetime,1024) alloc(storepeople,1024) registersymbol(autoCC) registersymbol(time) registersymbol(storetime) registersymbol(storepeople) label(DoCC) label(Breathing) label(orig) label(doswitch) autoCC: add [time],1 pushad mov edx,[00AA3ACC] // People Counter Pointer mov edx,[edx+18] // Offset cmp edx,[storepeople] jg Breathing jmp timecheck timecheck: mov eax,[storetime] cmp [time],eax jg Breathing mov ebp,[00A9F438] //Tubi Pointer <NEED UPDATE mov [ebp+209C],0 //Tubi Offset jmp orig Breathing: mov ecx,[00AA3AB8] // Character Pointer cmp [ecx+54c],0 //No Breathe Offset je DoCC mov ebp,[00AA3AB8] // CHARACTER POINTER mov [ebp+209C],1 //Tubi Offset jmp orig DoCC: mov [time],0 mov ebp,[00AA3AB8] // Character Pointer mov [ebp+209C],0 //Tubi Offset mov ebx,[00A9F438] //Channel Pointer mov ebx,[ebx+2058] //Channel Offset cmp ebx,A jne doswitch push 1 call 00514A03 // CC func' B8 ? ? ? 00 E8 ? ? ? 00 83 EC ? 56 8B 35 ? ? ? 00 57 33 ff 57 68 jmp orig doswitch: inc ebx push ebx call 00514A03 //B8 ? ? ? 00 E8 ? ? ? 00 83 EC ? 56 8B 35 ? ? ? 00 57 33 ff 57 68 jmp orig orig: popad mov eax,[eax+000009b4] //Original Opcode jmp 007F4042 //Bottom Address 007F403C: //8B 80 ? ? ? ? 83 F8 ? 74 ? 83 F8 ? 74 ? 39 jmp autoCC nop time: dd 00 storetime: dd 3E8 storepeople: dd 00 [disable] 007F403C: //8B 80 ? ? ? ? 83 F8 ? 74 ? 83 F8 ? 74 ? 39 mov eax,[eax+000009B4] dealloc(autoCC) dealloc(time) dealloc(timecheck) dealloc(storetime) dealloc(storepeople) unregistersymbol(autoCC) unregistersymbol(storetime) unregistersymbol(time) unregistersymbol(storepeople)
  9. Lux

    Rich Usernames

    IPB4 is the latest but 3.4 mods should still work fine, it's only a few CSS template edits built into an add-on.
  10. Lux

    Rich Usernames

    Ah I see, I'd really recommend using Xenforo, however; @Razz https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5113-e34-custom-name-style/
  11. Lux

    Rich Usernames

    If you're using the xenforo forum software, download an add-on from xenforo.com called Rich Usernames, it'll make the username group colours you choose for peoples username display everywhere on the forum.