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  1. zeizei1

    Release Timeless Trainer

    What is Burning Event only ?
  2. zeizei1

    Information GMS 182.2 Client Upload Plz

    Now this is interesting
  3. zeizei1

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    It aint gonna get patched as long it stays under radar:)
  4. Would be very helpful if all mooplers would join for this. Lets find those working nd/si skills! Blaster SI(ND) 37000008 , 37000007
  5. zeizei1

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    any possible way to somehow add specific X/Y for the Mob Vac?
  6. zeizei1

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    Oooooo nice thank you:)
  7. zeizei1

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    anyone got instant drop ? EDIT: NVMLearned To update it my self. Here: Instant Drop:
  8. zeizei1

    Request (Request) bybassles auto mp/hp bot

    yeah but how i can open any program when xc detecs example CE 6.3 and if i wanna quote some scripts its pretty needed for me, since im welder and i dont have any clue what to do whit any any other program
  9. yeah would be super now on this dark times when we dont have a bybass which all can use, but isnt there a light on otherside of the lake ? if someone could do for us this auto potter it would just be awesome since it helps a little and it would be kinda unbannable