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  1. Xtsukuyomi

    Moopler The end

    Much love, Razz. All good things must eventually come to an end.
  2. Xtsukuyomi

    Request Gravity/No Fall Down

    there used to be a hack like that, it made it so your char behaved as though it was underwater
  3. Xtsukuyomi

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Looks like he is online using the orbital FMA though It is most likely 3x attack, if not that then possibly critical script
  4. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Why are you trying to get people locked?
  5. Xtsukuyomi

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    What is the difference between yours and the one I am using now, genuinely wondering //Jump Down Anywhere //v179.2 [ENABLE] 010585C0: db EB 01C48BFC: db 90 90 01D21248: db EB [DISABLE] //backup: 83 ? ? 83 ? ? 0F 8F ? ? ? ? 57 E8 (last jnl in function) 010585C0: // 7D ? 8B ? 8B ? ? 8D ? ? ? 50 8B CE [First Result] db 7D //backup: 8B ? F7 ? 1B ? 81 ? ? ? ? ? 81 ? ? ? ? ? E8 (last je in function) 01C48BFC: // 74 ?? 8B ?? C7 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? E8 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C0 75 ?? 89 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? EB ?? 8B ?? db 74 5B 01D21248: // 74 ? 3B ? ? ? 75 ? 8B ? ? ? 3B db 74
  6. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    I also get the same window when I inject. When injecting, my game will freeze, as though there is a window in Maplestory taking focus so that i cannot control my character After this, I hit escape and a blue box comes up that says "would you like to skip this," same thing that @purplecloud is receiving
  7. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Were you able to get it working? When i send the packet as Recv, nothing pops up in maplestory
  8. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Will try it out, I saw a version that said it was only working for 178.3. Oh nice, DPE still opens up and everything seems to be working lol. How to set DPE for recv packet injection? I put the packet into the Injection window but the Inject button will always remain grey
  9. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Which PE are you using? Or are you using a CE script to send/recv packets? I used to use DPE but I don't think it is updated
  10. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Packets

    also need to randomize timestamps too
  11. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Attack Count Increase

    Thank you!
  12. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Attack Count Increase

    Is there an updated ESPList? I would like to try this for NL, i just burned one real quick to see if it will work
  13. Xtsukuyomi

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Why is it worth thousands...?
  14. Xtsukuyomi

    Information Packet Sending Update

    thanks for the release, it's a christmas miracle
  15. Xtsukuyomi

    Question how to choose Change Channel random

    I also have a theory: put a random number generator 1-20 (for # channels) into a do-while loop, with the do-while generated number not being able to select the current channel Please let me know thoughts on this and whether you will think it can work or if im just being a fool :'D