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  1. Gabe02

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    isnt the critical only scrpit client sided?
  2. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    So... its something like the barrage rune mount and the Demolishazer Drill Rush script?
  3. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    no thx
  4. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    So... any other hints besides ursus?
  5. Gabe02

    Question Already logged in

    What's a CLB? lol Happened with me and I had to w8 for the server check =/
  6. Gabe02

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    You cant randomize itens in DPE, not like this with **
  7. Gabe02

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    doesnt work with DPE. It only drops 1 slot and nothing more =/
  8. Gabe02

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    Is there any script that drops all my inventory eqps/use? I need to drop the useless shit we get from santa boxes '-' Thanks people!
  9. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Is it a hint?
  10. Gabe02

    Question Packet Inject Script

    Anyone can help me with this? I have a packet, but it does't inject.. Also, what should I do to inject more than 1 packet? Thanks people!
  11. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    Yeah, I saw some sreenshot from hackers in reboot using frenzy totem. Also in my world, some hackers are botting with it...
  12. Gabe02

    Question Frenzy Totem?

    I saw a bw botting today and he was spawning the frenzy totem. Is it a script ou some kind of skill injector? Anyone know if its even a hacker?! PS: I dont want the script or the glitch, hacker or w/e, just want to know what kind of hacker, glitch w/e it is. Thanks!
  13. Gabe02

    Help Warping character to henesys

    Is there any other way I can use to teleport? I remember something like the perion fm packet, is it patched?