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  1. CodeVHS

    Release Maple IDs

    awesome, but.. butt.... Cadena
  2. CodeVHS

    Other Pianus spawning for 178.4

    why does this pianus give just 131k exp instead of 1.3 mil?
  3. actually i got banned to 8 january for playing with kanna crit damage, was fun tho
  4. found this very useful and inspiring, didnt want to make a separate thread about this thing i found 13120003 - Trifling Wind III - Wind Archer changed proc rate from 35 to 90 as u did with shade, i tested and its great was lvl 0 when i edited wz, so at max level i have 105% proc chance, its so beautiful
  5. CodeVHS

    Question skill grip

    use the search on forum and ull find it lol
  6. CodeVHS

    Release GMS ID's

    Everything new/better is welcome ! Thanks for the share !
  7. So here you can find all skill ID's to use on a script or skill inject. PS: I am sorry if I am not allowed to post links. LOL http://ayumilove.net/maplestory-skill-id/ I have lots of other id's on my other computer, like use items, equips and all others, i will edit this post when i get on that pc. I did attach the other ID's i have, i've been told they are from v178 GMS. Sorry but i dont feel like doing a virus scan on a .txt file, will do if required. Cash.txt Consume.txt Eqp.txt Etc.txt id's.txt Ins.txt Map.txt Mob.txt Npc.txt Pet.txt Skill.txt
  8. Very useful, cant wait to see if I can get a working kami
  9. Heyy, new around these places. My name is Matt, from Europe. Hope I enjoy my time here and hope I can be useful and helpful if I can XD. If u want a partner on EU server Maple send me a message, or on LoL EuNe. Peace!
  10. CodeVHS

    Help Planning to help

    Hey guys, I am new around here, but willing to help in any way I can. So for beginner hackers or lazy ones, do you think making a guide to edit, add scripts to a cheat table would help? Or making a trainer with most used scripts for lazy people? Just press hotkey and abuse. I am at work but I get home in like 8 hours, and willing to start the tutorials right away. Do you think a tutorial with pics would be more useful or a video one? Thanks everyone for your time.