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  1. db4206910

    Help maplestory unpack

    your right but no need to be like that hes just asking a question why not just explain what the core concept of unpacking is and then let him try and figure it out from there? instead of just trying to belittle someone for not knowing something.
  2. bump so you know someones reading besides sprux
  3. db4206910

    Question general programming question

    Thanks i willl check it out. and thanks to everyone else who contributed to the topic. my hard drive went out on me and have been trying to get one to work, but all i had to format one was my brothers god damn chromebook. pieces of shit i tell you what
  4. db4206910

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    you are right my intention was not to do that but, to try and encourage other people to give it a try. Maybe it does push it on the same old heads but im gonna try and participate. feel free to make the decision for yourself most people would ignore this thread entirely. its probably just wishful thinking..
  5. db4206910

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    i mainly just felt like this had to be said. i get life happens, but if we all try just a little we can do anything... as corny as it sounds!
  6. db4206910

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    you guys do a good and this by far my favorite site to go to for my hacking needs i just wish it were more active. as a community we need to (when possible) answer other posters questions, and try to help each other so that those who want to learn have a place to go. instead of trying to go on gk and having script threads that are 100 pages long and what you need is somewhere in it.to end on a good note i think moopler is organized perfectly and the people who do comment for the most part aren't off topic. so lets active up in this son of a b*tch
  7. db4206910

    Question general programming question

    should i learn one of the c launguages before i start learning assembly. i mean i update almost any script but i feel like im missing a fundamental piece to this puzzle,when it comes to debugging i just dont know what to look for. if any other launguages are easier to learn and just as useful would appreciate input. also am mostly learning for moopler story
  8. db4206910

    Information Unpacking Themida

    ive recently started messing around a little with olly trying to unpack some simple executable that was on there site. But should i lean more towards ida seeing as it has alot more functions that may make it easier in the future? i would love to get help and see resources put out there for those that want to learn but just dont know where to start.
  9. db4206910

    Information Unpacking Themida

    so lets say i want to start learning more about all this. surely there was a point when each of you were once in my shoes with a need to understand more but the information available is to complex or to basic. where the hell do i go to start learning how to make use of this. can anyone please point me in the right direction
  10. db4206910

    Question broke aob's

    alright im not thinking of updating any script in particular i just want help in the right direction. if the aob's break is my only option getting ida. is it debugging that i need to start learning. im just stuck and dont know what to do next. if it is debugging that i need to learn should i start on maplestory or a simple program while im learning how to debug>