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  1. @XShade Any progress with your bypass? Because to many GK bypass does not work. We are waiting for your bypass.
  2. KamiOh

    Release v180.2 Scripts

    No Delay Flash Jump 180.2
  3. KamiOh

    Release v180.2 Scripts

    No Delay Flash Jump
  4. Hi. I want update scripts myselff, help me. I found some scripts with some comments that I do not understand what they mean [jne below] next jne next jl jg below H1 (3rd je below) address of JE below
  5. KamiOh

    Release GMS/EMS v179.3 Scripts

    Hyper Rock CRC How do I get the ID map to be able to teleport?
  6. https://www.virustotal.com/es/file/9465daa82a6fa04e0ddf42867d6bdbac694eb2db6b1d85bdb6d1dc0a71c9ff65/analysis/1483928307/