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  1. WildWildLove

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    All of a sudden I remembered about IDA, whereby it has such naming conversion. If I were to do it for MSEA, do I have to use IDA as well? How do I specifically find that address? Am I able to use it to find in CE instead? Hmm
  2. WildWildLove

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    I managed to find a bypass temporarily for MSEA. This was for GMS //v178.3 [ENABLE] alloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook,128) find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook: mov eax,[029D8870] // CWvsPhysicalSpace2D: //8B 0D ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 8B 08 83 lea eax,[eax+0C] // Left Wall Offset mov [esp+04],eax jmp 0105E870 // Original call (CMobPool::FindHitMobInRect) 00D8CB7B: // Function:CForceAtom_NonTargetAttack::UpdateAttackCollision call find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook [DISABLE] dealloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook) 00D8CB7B: // E8 ? ? ? ? 8B ? 89 ? ? ? 85 ? 0F 8E [First Result] call 0105E870 And I am trying to update it for MSEA. I have already updated 029D8870 and 00D8CB7B, but I don't really know how to find 00D8CB7B for MapleSEA. How do I do it? I compared against the previous version and it was different.
  3. WildWildLove

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    If I were to do the bypass for XC, I would have to do it at the mainDLL.cpp (I named it mainDLL) to actually hook on the WinAPI used by XC?
  4. WildWildLove

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    Out of curiosity and inspiration from @hackbotmaple , we actually started to try out bypassless trainer as we still does not have sufficient information about bypassing XC. We are currently working on MapleSEA trainer and I tried something like that for the trainer if(chkALoot->Checked == true) { this->lblMessage->Text = L"ALoot checked"; if(autoLootTicks < GetTickCount()) { HWND inputWindow = FindWindow(NULL, TEXT("MapleStory")); //PostMessage(inputWindow, WM_KEYDOWN, key, (MapVirtualKey(key, MAPVK_VK_TO_VSC) << 16) + 1); PostMessage(inputWindow, WM_KEYDOWN, 'C', (MapVirtualKey('C', 0) & 0xFF) << 16); autoLootTicks = GetTickCount() + 100; // next update at 100 ms this->lblCheck->Text = L"ALoot running"; } } else { this->lblMessage->Text = L"ALoot unchecked"; } It did work, the trainer was sending 'C' to MapleStory, but after awhile it started to get detected by XC. Everytime I inject the trainer, when I was at the Channel selection page it will get detected. May I know if there is any other way to do it? Or pro out there will be able to guide us on whether is there a need for XC bypass or not?