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  1. lehoanglong

    Help [Solved]Help find some Offset

    can you update MapBasePointer and offset?
  2. ur nigga haha, I just want to update it
  3. please update aob CUserLocal::Update :
  4. lehoanglong

    Help Clear Rune Script

    Clear Rune v192.2 can someone please help update this
  5. lehoanglong

    Information V162.4 scripts

    #familiar infinity It does not work correctly on version, how does it work?
  6. lehoanglong

    Information Packet Sending Update

    do you have d/c address or log out address v179.2 ??
  7. lehoanglong

    Question how to choose Change Channel random

    I will find a random address it is a wise idea, you can do the test I can't do that
  8. lehoanglong

    Question how to choose Change Channel random

    how to choose Channel random here it can only choose one please help me!!