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  1. misterdave35

    Discussion How to Auto Rune (Automatically)

    Korgon already said you need to find the pointer to the rune's X/Y. I'm assuming the automated process will be something like this: Read X/Y > Enter into Do Rune from Afar, then enable > Enable Auto Rune
  2. misterdave35

    Help Updating Scripts

    The one that most closely matches the previous patch's, as noted in the first guide
  3. misterdave35

    Help Updating Scripts

    Possibly you're including something you shouldn't*, like [enable] and [disable]. If you want to learn how to make a trainer with CE, you should search on the cheat engine forum as there are many examples on how to do it Edit: "shouldn't"
  4. misterdave35

    Help Updating Scripts

    Not sure what errors you're getting, but should be straightforward if you follow the guide above Edit: Follow this
  5. misterdave35

    Help Updating Scripts

    It gets a tad more complicated with other scripts, but generally as long as you follow the aob provided to you (assuming it didn't break), then you will get the updated result
  6. misterdave35

    Help Updating Scripts

    Here's a really basic guide:
  7. Yep. No error before logging in. Enabling once logged in will instantly cause the error.
  8. Yea. Tried both, still get the runtime error. Maybe because I'm on Win10 64bit? Oh wells
  9. Sorry to ask again, but looks like Auto Rune is causing a runtime error when enabled. I'm going to assume I updated it incorrectly?
  10. Auto AP seems to just spam the auto ap box until I crash (Blaze Wizard). Am I missing something or did I update incorrectly?
  11. I hope you know I love you Korgon <3 (and other leechers like me :3 )
  12. misterdave35

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    Update the addresses. [enable] // some script mov ecx, [02C73578] // CClientSocketPtr: 8B 0D ? ? ? ? 85 C9 74 ? 8D ? ? 50 E8 ? ? ? ? 8D ? ? E8 lea eax, [coutpacket_custom] push eax push 014942B4 // Search for 90 C3 for fake return address jmp 00E20700 // call below CClientSocketPtr ret // some script 0200AF50: // CAntiRepeat::TryRepeat jmp hook return: // rest of script [disable] 0200AF50: // 7E ? 83 ? ? 7D ? 8B ? ? 2B ? 3D [Start] // CAntiRepeat::TryRepeat db 55 8B EC 8B 01 // rest of script
  13. misterdave35

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    What are you talking about? @Erotica posted it for you... But the header of the arcane packets is now 25 01, so edit the script accordingly
  14. misterdave35

    Help CheatEngine Lua writeString to Resolution Changer

    Huh.. looks like both values need to be changed or it won't change... very strange. Thanks!