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  1. BonSalsa

    Question Adding delay to script

    When I try moving the delay to the GetMobXY I just crash after the first teleport.
  2. BonSalsa

    Question Adding delay to script

    I'm having a bit of trouble adding a delay to my ghetto kami script Script Script with delay For some reason the one with the delay will d/c after teleporting a few times. Any ideas?
  3. Do you have AoBs? It's just returning 0,0 in 199.3. Also, it it possible to get mob x,y with this method?
  4. BonSalsa

    Question Getting mob ID

    Is this still the correct AoB for CMobPool "8B 0D ? ? ? ? 8D 85 ? FF FF FF 6A 00 6A 00"? I don't have Terminal atm and the public bypass isn't updated so I can't test anything. Also where can I find the Firefly source? I'm not really educated in ASM or any REing or memory editing but I do enjoy programming and I think it'd be pretty to look at and maybe learn something from.
  5. BonSalsa

    Question Getting mob ID

    Damn, all of that is beyond me. Any chance of you adding support for this to your library on the other site?
  6. BonSalsa

    Question Getting mob ID

    I'm am wondering if there is any way to grab the unique mob ID's for each mod in the map. I need them for packets but can't get them with any of the available public things and lack the knowledge to create anything myself.
  7. BonSalsa

    Question Check current game money value

    https://github.com/md35-gk/GMS-Script-Bank/blob/master/GMS/198.1/Mesos Pointer
  8. Too bad there is no public PE
  9. BonSalsa

    Help CLB Channel Server

    According to GK and their premium trainer, there is some sort of detection on the web login. I'm not sure if that's the issue here but it is a thing.
  10. He looks too much like Trump