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  1. Nelson Ortiz

    Outdated Scripts Thread V116.1

    Thank you !! ¿whats do MESO HOOK?
  2. is it i can´t press my lootkey Z and can't teleport anymore have to restar for teleport or pick
  3. hey when i activate kami loot i can't pick anything my loot key dosen't work how i fix it?
  4. Nelson Ortiz

    Super Chicken Party

    Hi everybody i'm Nelson from Perú, first of all i want to apologize for my bad english. I want to share a little bit of my culture. Here in Perú when the people needs economic help, makes a "pollada" The family cook many chickens and then send card to their friends, know's people and others... the community help the family by buying a chicken and pay s/. 10.00 soles peruanos. after eat, starts a party and the people help by buying beers. Then.... i want to make my own chicken party cuz i'm new in hacking and new in EMS. Maybe someone want a card for help me and buy some chickent and beers and pay in mesos or newie items :3