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  1. sharkz

    Question reactor morph v188

    Hi! does some1 have reactor morph for v188?
  2. Hi guys! ive been trying to update this script for a while but cant get it functioning can some1 please try and convert and update it to EMS? Thanks in advance! //Credits to Sprux for FindHitInMobRect FMA Method GMSv175 [ENABLE] alloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook,128) find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook: mov eax,[02262F84] ////CWvsPhysicalSpace2D: //B8 0A 00 00 00 EB ? 3D mov ecx,[XXXXXXXX] below lea eax,[eax+0C] // Left Wall Offset mov [esp+04],eax jmp 00BFF8D0 // Original call (CMobPool::FindHitMobInRect) 017D443C: //Function CUser::TryDoingFlameBallAttack call find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook //Function //Function CGrendade::Update 009954FD: //FlameBallObject X/Y Check, allows continous attack nop nop [disable] 017D443C: //E8 ? ? ? ? 89 85 ? ? ? ? 8B 8D ? ? ? ? 89 8D ? ? ? ? 83 BD ? ? ? ? 00 75 ? C7 [SECOND RESULT] call 00BFF8D0 009954FD: //0F 84 ? ? ? ? D9 EE 8B ? ? ? DC 9E [test eax,eax above] test eax,eax
  3. Hi guys! I know this has been asked before but since i cant find a working one i thought that i might ask again. So does some1 have working Blazing Extinction fma script for EMS V.118 as always thanks in advance!
  4. is it possible to use it with skill injection/GND?
  5. sharkz

    Question 50m dmg hack + kamipls not working

    make sure you are using support scripts to allow movement with char
  6. sharkz

    Request GND or other way to speed up 50m dmg

    nah unfortnatly it doesnt do anything to speed it up
  7. sharkz

    Request GND or other way to speed up 50m dmg

    well yes the 500k is but 50m is slower than a normal attack
  8. Hi again! so i was wondering if it would be possible to speed up the 50m dmg hack like nd or sometihng via gnd or is it patched?
  9. sharkz

    Question some1 want to hack togheter?

    hi there! as title says im looking for some1 that want to hack and get some exp togheter with me. Lvl 165+ please pm me if intrested
  10. sharkz

    Question bypass problem-solution wont build properly

    problem solved thanks to hippo
  11. Hi again. So i thought i would give the bypass another shot today.Everything went well except for the fact that when i try to build the solution nofing appears in the release folder. how can i fix that?
  12. sharkz

    Question Autoloot

    im not sure if im allowed to link to other websites but the loot fuction in this bot works perfectly- https://ccplz.net/resources/ibotyou.333/updates
  13. sharkz

    Question cant open host.exe

    Where is the xign-codefolder suppose to be then?
  14. sharkz

    Question cant open host.exe

    Hi again. so my problem with the bypass is that host.exe wont open properly.When i run it(as admin ofc) it appear for a split second and then it disappears. If some1 can help solve my problem i would really appreiate that! //sharkz
  15. sharkz

    Request help to setup bypass

    As title says.I need help to setup the bypass. I have tried everything and its just not working properly. Thanks in advance //sharkz