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  1. you can run multiple instances with this ?
  2. 1 out of the 3 still work
  3. wshh

    Snippet Ever-Expanding Expression Generator

    @Ezekiel I dont know the other dude who was bashing you, and bombing your cats I was just joking but if you are Gioracef than yah I do know you and you kno me as well lol and liquid369 etc etc
  4. wshh

    Snippet Ever-Expanding Expression Generator

    wow giora is still around LOOOL surprised he didn't get bombed in his parents basement with his 7 cats by now
  5. wshh

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    The bypass no longer works though correct? 195.2
  6. wshh

    Help GMS Bypass

  7. wshh

    Help GMS Bypass

    Not able to use the bypass over at gk for some reason i'm thinking its there Auth system and i'm not getting much help over there to fix it, is it possible for anyone on this forum to release a bypass without the auth system where you dont have to login into your GK acc to use the bypass. (or any site for that matter) Thank you guys in advance.
  8. How can I achieve this? Can anyone help or give any suggestions (please don't say buy vip)
  9. Ic @Korgon thats where I made the mistake I wasn't close to the rune, do I have to move after the first time using auto rune to the next place it spawns?
  10. Without activating a rune after a certain time limit you receive no exp, anyone know of a auto rune script?
  11. wshh

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    TY! and Thanks @Erotica!
  12. wshh

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    Well I definitely won't get this if anyone figures this out please share or atleast just make an arcane script thank you sorry for being such a leech~
  13. wshh

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    Like the old script that is now outdated it would drop 10 mesos as a temporary packet, I dont neccessarly need a packet editor or even a packet sender I pretty much just need these 3 packets sent to max out my arcane and that's pretty much it if anyone can come up with a script that basically can send these 3 packets first slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 C0 F9 FF FF C0 F9 FF FF second slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 BF F9 FF FF BF F9 FF FF third slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 BE F9 FF FF BE F9 FF FF I'd be willing to pay thanks alot!