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  1. Areald

    Help!? GMS Bypass Help Thread

    So I really cant do anything about it?
  2. Areald

    Help!? GMS Bypass Help Thread

    Okay now I got some weird error code, does anyone know this issue?
  3. Areald

    Help!? GMS Bypass Help Thread

    So i have to inject the dll?
  4. Areald

    What is possible atm?

    So I just started playing Maplestory again, and wanted to hack a bit since I suck in the game. However, I see that the community is 'having troubles(?)'. So my question is, what is possible atm? Is there a public bypass? Or Maybe some bypassless hacks? Thanks, EDIT: Should've been posted in Questions, if a mod can move it?
  5. Areald

    Moopler Youtube channel for tutorials

    This would be awesome. Video Tut's Will be very helpfull. I hope it will be possible to do this!
  6. Im trying to use cheatengine with the bypass, not working. However Waty's Kami Bot is working without getting a 'Illegal shit detected' thingy. Cheat engine is installed on a other drive. What can i try to fix this?
  7. The xigncode link isnt working?
  8. Areald

    Moopler Official Moopler Launch

    Amazing! I'm sure my stay here will be awesome.
  9. Areald

    Hello Moopler!

    Hello! Im Simon (Areald), and i'm playing Maplestory for more then 5 years now. I cant make any hacks or things like that, but im currently trying to update scripts and stuff so i hope that will work out in the future! Some of you may know me from CCPLZ. PS. I'm Dutch
  10. mesos pliz




    1. Areald


      stop asking for mesos noob

      shut up fag