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  1. that's excatly what i am looking for! thanks @Razz
  2. Well the title isn't that descriptive but it does say what i am looking for. I am looking for a program that types something I write(as in a long sentence) but then it doesn't matter what button i press on my keyboard i automatically types the next letter. I don't really know how to put it
  3. fyxtro

    Christmas Giveaway(GRID: Autosport)

    Congrats Kaptenks on winning the giveaway!
  4. Hey guys it's me again back with a christmas giveaway! Be there soon because this giveaway will close on 28 December 2015! This time it's a little different. You don't pick any number, you'll get one based on the time you place your comment(i.e. first comment is number one, second comment number two) The game this time is GRID: Autosport. Good luck everybody! fyxtro out.(hehe that's cheesy)
  5. fyxtro

    B> 100x lvl10 Thiefs, 1€ each

    just lvl 10 right?
  6. fyxtro

    Steam Giveaway 20+ Games

    Winners: mankool: 240 mitakassss: 386 Ragnar: 117 Schnee: 250 hippo: 137 Chubbz: 3 I'll Pm you all with the keys. Sorry if you didn't win this time but I will do this more often if you guys like it, I might even try to do this once a month if more people join in.
  7. Hey guys, I just bought a lot of bundles and I found a lot of games I already had so I thought why not give them away. How do you enter? Name any number between 1-500 subscribe to my YouTube channel There will be not one not two but six(6) winners. The giveaway closes on the 4th of December
  8. fyxtro

    Best maps for 500k dmg hack?

    What are some of the best maps to bot at? And for what level?
  9. fyxtro

    Guide fast lvling 30 till 100+

    Mr. Lee is the item storage guy in Henesys.
  10. fyxtro

    Guide fast lvling 30 till 100+

    Guessing this won't work anymore?
  11. fyxtro

    Outdated Scripts Thread V116.1

    I can't get the 500k script to work I am making two auto assembles and I activate them both but nothing happens, I don't dc nothing