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  1. Thanks again, was fun while it lasted. RIP.
  2. Swanniie

    Moopler Public statement #2 - Drama 3.0

    My question is, what is the point of rules if they are not adhered to 100% of the time by EVERYONE who uses the site including management. Razz, what if more drama happens in the future, to which you 'don't know what is going on', are you going to disregard rules until you know the truth? Everyone should be tried against the rules equally regardless of the situation. It's also funny, although the drama here has been recent here apparently, I knew it would happen sooner or later after some of the members joined (not naming names). This is why I stopped visiting here. I really wanted to support Moopler and make it a great community ALONGSIDE cc. However it seems it just won't be possible because although the drama may have subsided, people are still hating each other's guts behind the scenes. No one gives a fuck about my opinion and I realise that, then again I don't care either. It's a shame that even though the EMS hacking community as a whole is dying slowly, people are making every effort to make that happen even faster. Tldr;
  3. Dude get freaking online on skype lazy ass

  4. Swanniie

    Outdated Scripts Thread V116.1

    There's another address for that part
  5. Swanniie

    Outdated Scripts Thread V116.1

    Skill Injection(500k damage hack) with correct Disable USE WITH THIS:
  6. Swanniie

    Outdated Installer for EMS v115

    https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2286b8a0738b0bf656ba72efd8e849ece64de334b22d77f86c4eded3a851eb47/analysis/1448052276/ MapleStoryv115.exe
  7. If you have AOB's then you should use them with the current version of the game. You can tell from the first script that it is already outdated. In fact it looks like they're just the v115 scripts.
  8. Swanniie

    Release Autoupdate scripts

    Wrong thread, you should create your own for this type of question. Answer: Most skills DC instantly or if you attack too fast. Normal attacks are less likely to DC but will still DC. GND is mainly used as a side script with Skill Injection, so that the Skill Injection has no delay.
  9. Move the hacks onto another Drive (like USB), this fixes it for most people who get detected. I personaly ALWAYS get detected the first time after an restart/fresh start, when I try it a second time it works fine w/o problems. This. Always get detected first try. Annoying to reload game/login but w/e
  10. Swanniie

    Air Loot?

    How does this script differ than the one Schnee posted? I assume the extra addresses are for something else.