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  1. You could patch out CUtilDlg::YesNo to always return 6 / yes E8 ? ? ? ? 83 C4 1C 83 F8 06
  2. OuterHaven

    Farewell A long overdue goodbye

    Farwell my friend, until next time.
  3. OuterHaven

    Help Turn on/off Godmode after a period of time

    The CUserLocal::SetDamaged function only runs when you get hit, your kinda of limited depending on your creativity/knowledge to "delays" involving a counter. In this case, what your trying to do doesn't do what you think it does define(_GodmodeDelay,#1000) //Set time in milliseconds inc [GodmodeTimer] <---- Increase counter per hit cmp [GodmodeTimer],_GodmodeDelay <---- compare counter to thousand There's a god mode out there that kevjuhtuh93 posted that should work what you want to do.
  4. OuterHaven

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    You got good intentions with your life happens comment, but the core thing is when life does happen people can't simply invest putting the same time, effort, commitment, and amount of care anymore. The core problem with something like this is all the effort and requests is still placed on the old heads. If we all just try a little simply means should mean everyone but it really means the same old people contributing. From looking at the script thread and previous AOBs, people easily could of updated but no one did. v191 broke quite of a bit AOBs but its fairly easy to keep track and backtrack from what I'm seeing at the moment.
  5. OuterHaven

    Information Soul Saver packet editor

    I looked this up and it looked familiar, wasn't this previously known as Ghost Online
  6. OuterHaven

    Help building a new trainer

    mov eax,[02B24FE0] //8B 0D ? ? ? ? 85 C9 74 ? 8B 01 6A 00 FF ? ? FF mov edi,[eax+15A8] //E8 ? ? ? ? 8B 8E ? ? 00 00 85 C9 74 ? 8B 01 FF ? ? 8B 8E ? ? 00 00 5E mov edi,[edi+1B4] mov [HP],edi mov edx,[eax+15B0] //+4 mov edx,[edx+1B4] mov [MP],edx If you want an easier way to access them
  7. OuterHaven

    Release Controlled Magic Injection

    Blazing Extinction #12120011
  8. OuterHaven

    Release Controlled Magic Injection

    Chaos Horn-tail Head Comparison Blaze Wizard (Scania Server) Skill Injection Magic Injection x50
  9. Controlled Magic Injection Purpose: Reduce Lag, increase efficiency and the rate you kill mobs Instead of waiting for normal skill inject to do execute 10 attacks, the script will execute 10 attacks seemly all at "once" Number_of_attacks = This will set the amount of attacks. The script will try to this one execution. Delay = Needed to shut off in the state of Elite Mobs/Boss. You don't want to send 10 attacks at once at 1000 ms. If it wasn't for elite mobs then mob counter would have just sufficed. Just some guidelines: Make sure you read them because its mainly why I just didn't plug it into the Script Library Adjust delay and number of hits for Elite Mobs/Boss... You don't want to send 20 attacks at like 1000 delay. Adjust delay for spawn rate/kill rate. Adjust delay for server lag, ping, etc. Although the bottom example has 50 hits at 1000 Delay, this obviously isn't stable in long run esp when a Elite Mob spawns. Client will crash on skills like many of the Blaster skills. If its not obvious from the title/instructons. This means use Magic Skills Works best on FMAble skills/ screen radius skills (Mental Tempest, Dragon Dive, Elemental Barrage - Ice ,etc). Just efficiency comparisons; This is in Reboot at 360+ Arcane Force Field where Mobs have high ass HP on a Kinesis and Mental Tempest Regular SI at No Delay Controlled Magic Injection; Delay:1000 Set Attack: 50 hits. 50 Attacks was used because I didn't want to count how many individual injects it would take to kill. At this rate it was 20+ attacks and still not dead.. Chaos Horn-tail Head (Scania Server) Comparison Skill Injection Magic Injection x50
  10. OuterHaven

    Release New Arcane Symbol Packet?

    Chances are it will stay patched unless some faulty "rework" comes in.
  11. If you are referring to the old thread that isn't updated/put into the script library yet. Not sure why the old value still work
  12. mov eax,[029E6028] // CUserLocal: 8B 3D ? ? ? ? 8B 40 Is the correct value, you are doing nothing wrong.
  13. OuterHaven

    Release Jaguar Skill Hack

    Keep it civil guys any further progression will result in a warning/post restriction if needed.
  14. OuterHaven

    Release Jaguar Skill Hack

    You could also summon more than one jaguar as a WH even if you don't have them. Just change the skill ID in the packet after summoning the jaguar. 01F78E2F -Grey 01F78E30 -Yellow 01F78E31 -Red 01F78E32 -Purple 01F78E33 -Blue 01F78E34 -Jaira 01F78E35 -Snow White 01F78E36 -Onyx Jaguar 01F78E37 -Armored Crimson They will also do the damage hack also.
  15. OuterHaven

    Release v181 Scripts

    Rules Only post scripts in here Don't ask questions in this topic Direct your questions here; https://www.moopler.net/forum/12-questions/ Godmode Guard Godmode Boss Godmode Auto HP/MP StatHook Jr Boogie Unlimited MP Auto Attack No breath Auto Turn Logo Skip Auto Aggro Mob Disarm Mob Confusion Gollux 1 Hit KO Disarm Mob Speed up Mach GND Unlimited Attack Hide Nametags No Skill Cooldowns Perfect Stance Clear Field UI No Fade Stages No Background No Mob Reaction Slide and Attack Pet Loot (Auto Updating) Remove Mob Spawn and Death Animations define(noSpawnAni,0103BCD5) //0F 8E ?? ?? 00 00 8B D5 33 C9 E8 define(CMob_OnDie,01048A00)//3D 33 BC 86 00 -static MOB ID [FUNCTION START] [ENABLE] noSpawnAni: db 90 90 90 90 90 90 CMob_OnDie: ret [DISABLE] noSpawnAni: db 0F 8E 9D 01 00 00 CMob_OnDie: db 6A FF Item Filter Enable Disabled Buttons define(EnableDisabledButtons,0093CF90) //8B 41 ? C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 8B 41 ? C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 33 C0 [1st result] [ENABLE] EnableDisabledButtons: db 8B 41 34 [DISABLE] EnableDisabledButtons: db 8B 41 30 Auto Pet Feed (Key Press) Auto Pet Feed (Packet) Instant Teleport Full Map Attack Orbital Flame Full Map Attack (use with semi item vac) [ENABLE] alloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook,128) find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook: mov eax,[029EA310] // CWvsPhysicalSpace2D: //8B 0D ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 8B 08 83 lea eax,[eax+0C] // Left Wall Offset mov [esp+04],eax jmp 01061120 // Original call (CMobPool::FindHitMobInRect) 00D8A63B: // Function:CForceAtom_NonTargetAttack::UpdateAttackCollision call find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook [DISABLE] dealloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook) 00D8A63B: // E8 ? ? ? ? 8B ? 89 ? ? ? 85 ? 0F 8E [First Result] call 01061120 Orbital Flame Attack Count Increase Blazing Extinction Full Map Attack No Delay Blazing Extinction Blazing Extinction Effect Removal Multiple Blazing Extinction, Unlimited Timer, Stationary BE, ETC Psychic Lock Full Map [ENABLE] alloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook,128) find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook: mov eax,[029EA310] // CWvsPhysicalSpace2D: //8B 0D ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 8B 08 83 lea eax,[eax+0C] // Left Wall Offset mov [esp+04],eax jmp 01061120 // Original call (CMobPool::FindHitMobInRect) 01D193E1: call find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook [DISABLE] dealloc(find_hit_mob_in_rect_hook) 01D193E1: // E8 ? ? ? ? 89 44 24 ? 8B ? ? ? 8B ? ? 8B 0D ? ? ? ? call 01061120 Instant Final Smash Dragon Dive FMA Air Hit Mob Vac Vellum Freeze Kanna 4th Job Monkey Spirits No Delay Rush Teleport Reactor Morph Delayed Gateway Selection Auto Gateway Selection //Created by DBLmao [enable] define(Gateway,#2000)//2000 = NA, 2001 = EU alloc(Hook,100) alloc(ReturnAddr,4) label(Return) label(ReturnHook) Hook: mov eax,[esp] mov [ReturnAddr],eax mov [esp],ReturnHook push -1 push 02139776 jmp Return ReturnHook: mov ecx,edi mov edx,[ecx] mov edx,[edx+1C] push 1 push #100//action push Gateway call edx jmp dword ptr [ReturnAddr] 00DA9EC0://CGateWay::Update jmp Hook db 90 90 Return: [disable] 00DA9EC0://[start] 83 ? FF 85 C0 75 ? 8B 0D ? ? ? ? ? 8D ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 6A 01 push -1 push 02139776 dealloc(Hook) dealloc(ReturnAddr) Semi Item Vac No Blue Boxes Familiar Disarm Hyper Rock CRC Ingame Rusher Auto Offline Remove Screen Clutter Resoltuion Changer Kami Body Pressure ND Mob Filter No Stun Catcher Skill Injection CS Mob Vac No Delay IngameDirectionEvent Auto Familiar Auto Username and Password Input Auto Server and Channel Selection Auto Character Selection and PIC Entry Zoom Hack No Skill Sounds JDA Instant V slash Cubic Hermite Spline Vac GMS /** * Cubic Hermite Spline Vac GMS v179.3 * @author YURI */ [ENABLE] // D9 E8 DC C1 D9 C9 DD 18 8B 44 24 ?? D9 C9 DE E3 // CalcHermiteSplineCoeff called in CMovePath::CalcPassivePos 010BE6F2: fldz [DISABLE] 010BE6F2: fld1 Portal Master Auto Change Channel Unlimited Arrow Platter + No Delay [ENABLE] 00D51030: //Unlimited Arrow Platter ret 4 00D4F148: //Arrow Platter ND db 90 90 [DISABLE] 00D51030: //[Third Result] 55 8B ? 83 ? ? 6A ? 68 ? ? ? ? 64 A1 00 00 00 00 50 83 ? ? 53 56 57 A1 ? ? ? ? 33 ? 50 8D ? 24 ? 64 A3 00 00 00 00 8B ? 8B ? ? E8 db 55 8B EC 00D4F148: //76 13 6A 00 8D db 76 13