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  1. weird idk CUser::GetPos: Input rune x,y to do rune without being close to it (find rune x,y pointer so you don't manually input them): Auto Rune Key Input (do the arrow automatically):
  2. idk never happened to me before try doing this perhaps: 1.enable it in game 2. disable it 3.Comment out line 12 & 13 (CRuneStoneMgrForClient::StartKeyInput) 4.Enable it. 5. Be close to the rune and try. Edit: or just use this maybe (forget everything before): keep in mind this only do the arrow input, you need to be close to the rune to do it. Either find the rune x,y and teleport to it or spoof CUser::GetPos to the rune x,y.
  3. Addresses looks correct to me. what runtime error? @wshh Be specific...? https://gyazo.com/c4ab10a788b7d94a4e36f17388b79034 You need to be close to the rune to do it. Unlimited summon + time:
  4. Rock n' Shock (Mech 3th job) worthless shit dc after sometimes funfact: in the kmst pdb some function name, it's spelled tesla or tasla: https://gyazo.com/eb5fb42767d50a7d663898f858912d23
  5. Korgon

    Help Web Development

    I just check this pixel market site and it doesn't look that bad. The pixel sellers goes up to 89 pages. I don't know how he makes money, but I guess by providing some sort of protection to his customers? or he takes a % off every sale made. + he got a good start by selling a Pixel Market Tag to gs users lol. You must be jealous of him.
  6. [ENABLE] alloc(Hook,128) label(Ending) Hook: call 0213CC50 // Original Opcode pushad mov ecx,ebx // CWvsContext: 8D ? ? 53 56 57 50 E8 [mov ecx above] mov ecx,[ecx+2240] // CWvsContext::GetCharacterData: 8D ? ? 53 56 57 50 E8 [Follow call] call 01D40B90 // GW_CharacterStat::_ZtlSecureGet_nAP: E8 ? ? ? ? 6A ? FF ? ? 98 [First result(CUIStat::Draw) & Follow call] cwde cmp eax,0 je Ending push -01 call 01D3E330// CUIStat::OnButtonClicked (CUIStat::AutoApUp) C2 04 00 6A 01 E8 ? ? ? ? [Result 14/20 & follow call] jmp Ending Ending: popad jmp 022707E4+5 022707E4: jmp Hook 01D3E63D: db B8 06 00 00 00 [DISABLE] 022707E4: // CWvsContext::Update: E8 ? ? ? ? 83 ? ? ? ? ? ? 8B ? 89 ? ? 75 ? 89 call 0213CC50 // get_update_time 01D3E63D: // E8 ? ? ? ? 83 ? ? 83 ? ? 75 ? 8B ? ? 8D [Third result starting from last green result] call 0215B070 // CUtilDlg::YesNo dealloc(Hook) should work
  7. i only tested mine with mechanic summon so idk about other jobs summon. but i know that the script force summon to do their "normal attack"
  8. i dont even know what that script is or what it does.
  9. I'm lazy and posting a thread was faster. I left aobs and function names for people to easily update them so they can post in the script database if they wish. Force summon to do their "normal attack": example: Robo Launcher RM7 mech 2nd job: https://gyazo.com/d8232a12ef5e1ba88c0bfc776e315a23
  10. This bypass the two mscrc. No need to manually get the 2 crc each patch and update the register. If I find more stuff in my hdd ill post.
  11. Monster Mind Control (to be used with auto aggro): Auto AP (Auto assign ap): For Xenon jobs: replace with: push #2015 // STR = 2013, DEX = 2014, LUK = 2015 call 01C952F0// CUIStat::OnButtonClicked (CUIStat::AutoApUp) C2 04 00 6A 01 E8 ? ? ? ? [Result 14/20 & scroll down] CUIStat::AutoApUpXenon For Demon avenger or hp based job replace with call 01C950C0// CUIStat::OnButtonClicked (CUIStat::AutoApUp) C2 04 00 6A 01 E8 ? ? ? ? [Result 14/20 & scroll up] CUIStat::AutoApHPBasedJob
  12. while leveling up my test account (mechanic job) I got perma ban from logging out and on too fast so im done. + school started so my dad will uninstall all games on my computer(starting next week) and monitor me if I use any electronics. Tubi (filtered all other call to CWvsContext::SetExclRequestSent so will not create a conflict with auto pot aka use more than 1 pot): Fly Map (enable then cc/cs or trigger a new session): Swim Map (enable then cc/cs or trigger a new session): DupeX (should use the same function as "Safe Fast DupeX" by Ghoul check ccplz and tweak this shit): Mob Control: CDragon::TryDoingMagicAttack: CDragon::TryDoingShootAttack: CUserLocal::TryDoingBodyAttack: CUserLocal::TryDoingMagicAttack (Set bForce to 1 and you'll have the same thing as "Controlled Magic Injection"): CUserLocal::TryDoingMeleeAttack: CUserLocal::TryDoingShootAttack: BW FMA (Don't know why the cunts on gk are saying it ab lol... I actually got to level 100 on my bw no problem) Auto Rune: Beholder's shit(ya i use the same hook point cuz i was testing shits but you can combine them all into 1 or do what ever): Beholder infinte heal: Beholder Infinite Buff: Force Beholder Action (bypass cool down and shit) you can use beholder impact (5th job) once you get beholder at level 30 i believe so:
  13. Korgon

    Discussion Auto Rune Script?

    1-Find the function CUserLocal::ResetRuneStoneActionAndSendFailPacket and ret it. If you press the wrong arrow it won't cancel. So no need to complete the arrow in order. 2-Use CRuneStoneMgrForClient::NoticeInRect to open the arrow input. 3-Use the function CRuneStoneMgrForClient::KeyInput to do the arrow automatically (Hexadecimal) push 25 // Left arrow push 26 // Up arrow push 27 // Right arrow push 28 // Down arrow 3-You need to be close to the rune to do it. Find a way to find the rune x,y and teleport to it. Do not bother to call CRuneStoneForClient::Disappear or CRuneStoneMgrForClient::OnRuneStoneClear. It's client sided and the map effect still take place.