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  1. Minseok

    Question Maplestory Character Selection Packet

    Thanks. It's the CWvsContext__dwCharacterID. 0312658C + 222C
  2. 006B "XXXXXX" 000CFBAB 00 "" "000000000000_00000000" Anyone know what the bolded area is and how it's created?
  3. Anyone know how to get rid of the body pressure hit effect on mobs? In the wz, it's called incapacitate and it prevents you from being touched by the mob..need to get rid of it so I can continue to do damage without a 3 second delay.
  4. Minseok

    Question Does anyone know Mobcount, PeopleCount offset ?

    Like I said, it's most likely encrypted. You can find those pointers, but simply adding an offset won't produce the mobcount or peoplecount anymore. Kind of like HP and MP. I don't have the knowledge to figure that out.
  5. Minseok

    Question Does anyone know Mobcount, PeopleCount offset ?

    I think MapleStory encrypted them a few patches ago, so you won't be able to use that pointer + offset anymore.
  6. Minseok

    Help Help finding CUserLocal address on v193.1

    Don't have this version at the moment, but you find the address with that aob and you copy the address inside the opcode. This is from 192.5: mov edi,[MapleStory.exe+2BEA730] Your LocalUser would be MapleStory.exe+2BEA730 or 02FEA730