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  1. Hmm ok, I'll look into that. I looked into that function before to see if I could do something like that, I think I got stuck because it calls CDialog::DoModel() which calls a vm'ed func CWvsApp::Run where it runs until yes/no/end chat is clicked (or so I thought). Anyways thanks, I'll check it out again.
  2. Part I: Structs Part 2: Loading the data Part 3: Recursive DFS Part 4: Map Rushing Preparations Part 5: Constructing & Sending the Map Rush Packet Part 6: Map Rushing Between Islands Part 7: Map Rusher Unhandled Exceptions Part 8: TODO List: Anyways just typed this all out so I could understand my own code better and because @Razz asked. This is not meant to be anything good, just a write up of the map rusher that is in my trainer. Still a work in progress (Github: github.com/jnpl95/Timelapse). Lemme know if you guys have any tips or suggestions
  3. Who's "we"? Confused lol was "Ezekiel" a conglomerate of hackers united under the alias "Ezekiel"? Every farewell on the Internet kinda feels like a episode of Friends where Ross holds a funeral for himself...to see who would show up and what they would say, I half expect a "Jk, wow you guys suck" post a couple weeks later every time Anyways, thanks for sharing content and furthering knowledge here, wish you the best
  4. JP.

    Other TamperMonkey Dark Theme

    Updated tampermonkey code for edge cases, in case anyone is using this script
  5. Hey guys, I just made a rough dark mode script for tampermonkey (chrome extension) for this website: Image: Here's the TamperMonkey Code (Well aware that I put '!important' everywhere in the css, don't judge me): Just something I wanted to use & share in case anyone wanted other options. Enjoy EDIT (10/17/18): Updated code for edge cases, there might still be some edge cases that I haven't discovered yet. Please let me know if you find one!