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  1. XownAxeStyle

    Hi i'm sup3r2cesp

    Welcome to Moopler! I hope you enjoy your time here
  2. XownAxeStyle

    Introduction OhMaGaad I'm here.

    Nice, I wonder how expensive the weed is in Portugal. how many eu each gram, here in the netherlands on the streets it depends on from who you buy, how much you buy and the quality. but 1 gram of good weed is 7/10 euro. Prices may vary in other area's of the netherland tho
  3. XownAxeStyle

    Introduction OhMaGaad I'm here.

    So you like weed but your against tabacoo? Do you only smoke pure joints/blunts? or you smoke out of a bong Welcome
  4. XownAxeStyle

    Introduction Robert's mod application

    And you know how to use Control + C and Control + V like a charm.. Ofcourse. Why would I bother typing up a great application when I can borrow Jafel's <3. This is just stupid and can't be taken seriously.
  5. XownAxeStyle

    Introduction Robert's mod application

    I don't want to change CCPLZ, I want to improve us, as a community.Huh what is this?" copy pasterino from jafelerino?
  6. XownAxeStyle

    Moopler Official Moopler Launch - Preview #1

    Yay the old watybot back, can't wait for this
  7. "Herb is the healing of a nation,
    alcohol is the destruction"
    ~Bob Marley

  8. Hey all, My real name is Jelle I'm from the Netherlands and currently 17 years old. I enjoy going out and smoking with friends, playing videogames and hacking on maplestory. Well that was my introduction. Have a good day