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  1. Try placing a breakpoint on PtInRect WinAPI on latest game version (v199) or use return address logger while your ingame. Nothing get hit or return.
  2. MapleStory doesnt seem to use PtInRect to store the item x,y upon pressing the loot key anymore. any other way to get item x,y i need for my kami loot
  3. shadi

    Release Spawn Vac v.198.1

    Thank you for reporting this issue, I will repost soon when this issue is resolved. Wow Idk wtf happened.
  4. shadi

    Release Spawn Vac v.198.1

    to prevent it from getting patched
  5. Hi, here's my brand new spawn vac non d/c a/b. It is made with Cheat Engine.
  6. shadi

    Question About TWMS Inject Packet

    Can you post the link to the original site where you got this from?
  7. how do i make hacks bypasses, exploits from scratch? or anything that give me advantage in game?