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  1. Check the first point in the troubleshooting area in the original post.
  2. Nanoteck

    Question 2 maplestorys

    you need to be using a MSCRC aswell. you can find one here:
  3. Nanoteck

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    just tested it and worked for me. best of luck
  4. Nanoteck

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    Oh, I misunderstood you before. That is pretty easy to do, just set both the mana and the health script to the same keybind where you have the power elixir. You still need to add the script 2 times, one for hp and one for mana.
  5. Nanoteck

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    You need to add the script 2 times, one for hp and one for mana. change the keys so that they match your desired keybind. Then set the mana autopotter script to cmp [Mana],#2000 and the health pot script to cmp [Health],#2000, the number 2000 is the threshold you need to change to what ever you need.
  6. Re-extract the XingCode3 Bypass rar file, and start over. If you wait 45 min I will have an updated video guide up that is easier to follow.
  7. then your VM in unreachable from your main pc. make sure that both are connected to the smae network and you have the correct IP adress. what IP did you try to ping?
  8. open up cmd on your main computer ant type: ping replace the ip with the ip of your VM. if you can get a connection the reply will be simular to this: Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64 Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64
  9. does the host.exe close as soon as you open it?
  10. The 5 min dc means that your bypass cant connect to the host. is your XignCode host.exe running? have you added an excetion in your firewall on port 38666 (do this on both compiuters). did you set the correct IP adress of your server in XignCode Client > XignCode > XignCode.cpp?
  11. you can bypass Detour by removing some code from XignCode Client > Source > main.cpp. the code you will need to remove from the document is marked in red in the spoiler. after you done that you dont need to add the detour library or include. Thank Sprux for this information.
  12. As Sprux explained in the next post, you dont need Detour (I thought you did). the workaround is to remove this part bellow in the spoiler from XignCode Client > Source > main.cpp. Then just skip the Detour step in my video tutorial. I will re-record it tomorrow with the new fix. You should thank Sprux for this. you have probobly erased to much code or added code in some random code somwere. What I would do is to open up your bypass folder and replace your XignCode3 Bypass\XignCode Host\XignCode.cpp with a clean one from the bypass zip file. then just redo the step where you name your XignCode path. have you checked that the file is present in your bypass folder(XignCode3 Bypass\XignCode Host\XignDefs.hpp)? Are you running Visual Studio as admin?
  13. Hey! Since so manny people seam to have problems building the new bypass I have made a pretty noob friendly video guide. I will continiously update this to make it easier to follow and troubleshoot. I just wanna say thanks to everyone who helped me figure all of this out in the other tutorial thread. Special thanks to Sprux, Hippo, xScritZx, Razz and DAVHEED Before you ask questions in this thread make sure they have not yet been awnserd in Hippos tutorial thread. links to his thread at the bottom of this post. What do I need? This guide requires you to have visual studio installed. Visual studio 2013 be downloded from here: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=532495&clcid=0x409 you will also need to have a MSCRC bypass installed on the computer you will use to hack. Downloads and instructions can be foud at the bottom of this post. 2 computers. or a virtual machine. Video Guide (Updated: No need for Detour!) In order to remove detour Delete this code from XignCode Client>Source>main.cpp. Delete the code that is marked in red below. The line that you should add at line 3 in XignCode CLient>Network>Client.cpp is marked in red below. Troubleshooting XignCode Host.exe closes as soon as i start it. this is because your filepath is incorrect. Dubblechect the path and copy past it to eliminate spelling errors. Make sure that the path has dubble \\ insted of singel \ by each folder. make sure that the folder name in XignCode Host>XignCode>XignCode.cpp matches your own. I needed to change it from XingCode3 to XingCode. The game sends heartbeat but the host does not reply. Check your firewall. You will need to let thrugh trafic on port 38666. To test this out ty to disabel your entire firewall on both your main computer and server computer. When building the solution i get errors if the error is simular to this: error MSB3073: The command "copy /Y "C:\XignCode3 Bypass\Release\XignCode Client.dll" "G:\Games\MapleStory (Europe)\XignCode\x3.xem" then the dll is still created and will work. if the error is simular to this: error C4996: 'inet_addr': Use inet_pton() or InetPton() instead or define _WINSOCK_DEPRECATED_NO_WARNINGS to disable deprecated API warnings then add: #define _WINSOCK_DEPRECATED_NO_WARNINGS to the top of Xingcode Client>Network>clinent.cpp document, so it will be like this: #ifndef _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS #define _WINSOCK_DEPRECATED_NO_WARNINGS #endif Changes Removed the need for Detour, credits to Sprux for showing me this. Remade the Video so its now alot easier to follow. Added spoilers with easy to follow instructions, as a compliment to the video.