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  1. Keitaroxxxxx

    Moopler The end

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you all, and also for helping me the times I needed help. Thanks to the administrator and all the users, except the one who posted penises.
  2. Keitaroxxxxx

    Question GMS v200.3 Item Filter AOB

    do it. 😐
  3. Keitaroxxxxx

    Help Help me to make Pet Item Vac faster

    then how i disable the pet teleport?, because aob is broken [ENABLE] 0E58D8A1: db EB [DISABLE] 0E58D8A1: //74 ? FF 75 ? FF 75 ? 8D db 74
  4. Keitaroxxxxx

    Help Help me to make Pet Item Vac faster

    This part of the script changes: "push [ItemY] push [ItemX] lea ecx,[ebx+10] <==== exit: mov ecx,ebx <==== call 00CAF500 jmp Return" I don't know how to update this parte or where to find the correct address. on this version 196.3 the pet stays besides the character and loot sloow the items on the ground slower, take a lot of time to pick up the items. Changing the cmp [ecx+14],#44 <<<< to 0 Don't make the diference Thanks guys.
  5. Keitaroxxxxx

    Question Where is "Rune Power" Skill in Skill.wz ?

    delete 4 last digits example: 80001433 should be: 8000.img then click and search for 80001433.img
  6. Old wz edit, you can edit map properties, you need the map id, then enter to "Map.wz>MapX>map id.img>info>fieldLimit" and change it to "0", then you can cast skills on that map. that's how i got to ardenmil with my phantom to steal skills.